Monday, December 13, 2010


So I had a pretty good weekend.

I was able to talk my mom into adding some ornaments to the silk tree. She even put a bird on top. My favorite kind, a crow! See?

So far so good–no one's tried to take anything off the tree yet.

We had some real big excitement when Mom revealed the secret window to wash it and get it ready for the wreath. See, she thinks we don't know there's a window in the living room just because we're not allowed in it, but of course we know. We just don't care to move the curtains and blinds to sit in it is all. I mean, really, how would all those little bites on the blinds have gotten there if we didn't know?


  1. I love your tree! And I'm quite surprised it is still in one piece.

  2. Nice crows William!!!!
    Moms are pretty delusional aren't they?!!!!! Imagine them thinking we don't know stuff!! Bwahahahahahah!!
    We know it long before they do ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  3. So beautiful~!!!!!
    Your bean sure has good taste~

  4. Great tree William! We especially like the crow.

  5. We think a Christmas crow is SUPER!
    William, we always suspected you were a trend-setter.

    The bite marks? Your Mom ought to be choosier when she purchases stuff...she bought pre-chewed blinds! those tooth holes can't possibly be yours...

  6. What a pretty tree! I give it two days before Russell Bustle tears all the ornaments off! But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy it - we don't get a tree this year because Finn would DEFINITELY tear all the ornaments off. And probably tear the tree right down!

    Merry Merry!

  7. We like your tree! We've been surprisingly good so far and left ours alone, much to the mom's amazement!

  8. I'm sure you have nothing to do with those bites on the blinds. Nothing at all...

  9. The crows are a nice touch!
    Nothing is secret when you have a cat!

  10. If we had a tree like that in our house we would never be able to leave it alone.

  11. The tree is pretty. We especially like the crows. We used to have two robins in ours, but Nott Me crept in one Christmas and took all the fev-vers off one and just left the plastic body. The other robin goes right at the top of the tree now where Nott Me might not be able to reach.

  12. That's a nice tree. And, the secret window, an extra nice touch on the blinds with tiny cat bite marks. Now, you're ready for Christmas.


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