Monday, November 01, 2010

A Good Monday.

So on the last night of my favorite month I hissed and hid every time the doorbell rang. I do not like the doorbell. Thankfully it got quiet early, probably because it was a school night. I didn't have school today, so I did something else.

Debris field!

And because Russell agreed to give up his post tomorrow for Dia de los Muertos, I agreed he could post a picture tonight. So here he is with his special Halloween plate. There's no cat on it but there is an orange pumpkin. You can see how excited he was.

We had eye of newt for dinner.

No, not really.


  1. Good going, William! When your routine is disturbed, a little creative destruction helps blow off steam.

  2. Revenge is sweet. Is that the Kangaroo in the background?

    Russell, you are the cutest norty Cat we know!

  3. Mom must be proud? Heheheh!! Well, you do need to live up to your title!

    Russell is looking adorable with his plate... :) lovely whiskers!

  4. Russell looks totally stoked about that plate!

    Ray did a lot of hissing and hiding last night too. Luckily we only had about eight trick-or-treaters all night.

  5. Looks like some first class trashing, bravo!!!

  6. Did someone say newts?? Our cousin cat Max lives in Florida and loves to chase those little lizards....

    Good job trashing the living room!

  7. Nice trashing William!
    And Russell that is a really cool plate for you!

  8. We didn't get many candy hunting visitors. At least Russell's plate is orange.


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