Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Wrap-Up.

It was pretty chilly here overnight, so as soon as we could we all staked out our spots in the sunny window. Russell claimed the box to the left and Olivia claimed the box to the right. Gracie was late and lost out on the sun but got warm by staying close to my mom while she "worked."

Anyway, so far no costumes for anybody but my mom. She's actually going hunting tomorrow all dressed up. I hope I don't have to wear a bag on my head to hide my embarrassment! You wonder sometimes what gets into moms, don't you?

Well, everybody be safe this weekend, especially all you black cats!


  1. Stay safe for halloween, guys! I plan to keep a low profile myself, because those childrens' voices and the doorbell ringing make me very unsettled.

  2. Enjoy those sunbeams!!!!!!!!!
    WE are glad to be indoor kitties and we have a porch, so we will not be able to get out :)
    We hope you will be safe too William :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  3. Better that the human wears the costume than you, William! Paws crossed that it stays that way.

  4. I would prefer it if only the Woman would wear a costume! Or maybe put one on Ichiro!

  5. William! Mommy wore a jester's hat to work last year and said she was a "Damn Fool"!
    As if everyone didn't already know.
    heh heh.

    Enjoy your sunbeams!

  6. Well, iffen evrykitty got a good spot, thats good! We got ours set up fer the night. I'm sleepin on the bloo pillow on the dresser and Ayla in sleepin in the laundry hamper.


  7. Moms are weird.
    We agree!
    Still, we love 'em to bits for we have no fingers to open the cans!

    Have a great weekend and be proud of your MOM!!

    Love, Lucky & Co.

  8. Have a great weekend and you all stay safe too. We don't worry about that, since our mom is not into Halloween at all. LOL!

  9. You sure found a great spot there! Have a wonderful treating weekend!!!

  10. It was cold here when my mom got up to go to work - I couldn't wait to get in her warm spot! She hasn't turned our heater on yet because most days are still warm enough that the AC will pop on in the late afternoon. Maybe that's almost over...

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  11. May your treats bag be filled to the brim with catnip and other tasty feline treats.

    Have a good weekend. Stay warm.

  12. It makes me laugh & laugh to see what my Human calls "work" and how she gets all "zawsted" from it. PLEASE! She'd die after ONE freaking day of real work--like chasing mice or (in Russell-Pretzel's case) Caroline. She acts like she spends the day in rock quarry instead of a school!

  13. Excellent sunny spot. And I'm with you guys...I'm on strike, no costumes for theese Halloween. I'll pose with some inanimate objects like pumpkins but that's it I tell ya...PS We loves New Mexico!

  14. Thank you thank you thank you for our package of happiness! You'll be getting an official one in the mail. We needed the pick me up, especially with daddy gone and my remaining beans sick. Mommy painted her toes blue to remind herself that blue skies are over the horizon!
    I even got CheezIts! nom nom nom. Pictures will be on my blog soon. We're having internet problems still and the tech guy who came out Thurs seems to have made it worse.
    I am glad you don't have to wear a costume. Unfortunately I do for a little while. sigh. What is wrong with my mommy??? Then my grandbeans are coming over and I'll be in my safe room with food, a TV and NO stinky boy can get to me. Mommy takes extra care tonight.
    Stay safe tonight all! Wishing you all treats (and maybe some nip toys) and no tricks.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!! You're dear friends and we are lucky to have you


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