Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Wrap-Up.

So somebody pulled a book out of the bookcase to read but it wasn't me. I would have bitten on it but it looked pretty boring. I'd rather select my own.

And it wasn't me who got up on the table and yakked so when Mom got her coffee in the morning darkness and sat down with it, said, "Did I just spill that?" and then "OH, YUCK!" That was Pretzel Boy, who is not, of course, allowed on the table. He does get up there every night, just like he owns the place.

And then someone got a card in the mail to remind them it's time to get shot. Ha ha ha, that's not me either!

All in all, I've had a pretty good week! And it's nearly the weekend!

Have a blast, everybody!


  1. Hah. Did she sit in the yak or just saw it? I hope she sat in it. =snort=

  2. Good that you had a good week and all the drama was with some other kitties ;) heehee
    Have a fun Mom filled weekend!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  3. Hahaha William. You are so funny! You've had a good week. We feel a bit bad for your Mummy who encountered the yak on the table!

  4. That IS a great week, when all the other cats do your dirty work for you.

  5. None of us ever do anything, either. Even when Mommy sees us doing it.
    Totally innocent!

  6. The Human can tell your Human a really bad story:

    About a year ago, she got up early for work, poured a cup of cold coffee from the Mr. Coffee, zapped it in the microwave, fired up the computer and took a big sip.

    Oooops....hmmm...something that's not coffee is in my mouth....Aaaaaugh! Giant dead spider!

    She thinks it might've crawled into the big pot while it was cold, and drowned, and then got poured into the cup, and then...well, you know.

    See, what I don't get is: Why did she spit out such a tasty treat??

  7. My oh my, you did have a good week! Now then, have a wonderful weekend!!!

  8. It's better to have yak on the table than on (in) the electronics.

    Have a good weekend.

  9. You're doing a great job of not me-ing! Good for you!

  10. William you are looking very wise in your photo today.

  11. Looks like pretzel boy will be busy!

    We wish all of you a very fun, happy and no-yucky-stuff-on-table weekend!

  12. Hmm, NYY and NYVV. Good for you!

    ("Not Your Yack" and "Not Your Vet Visit")

  13. So you are completely innocent is that what you're saying? FAZ

  14. I don't think Moms like cleaning up yak first thing in the morning, I know mine doesn't!


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