Monday, September 13, 2010

Staycation Recap.

Boy, did we have some excitement. First we had aliens on the roof. Mom said the chimney needed repair. And then a few days later there were different aliens in the attic. They blew in 15 inches of cat bedding! How lucky is that!

Then, we all got quite excited when we learned there was a ton of goatheads in the yard! We looked and looked, and then we finally realized Mom meant these.

Kinda disappointing. They're gone now. But we still have mystery grass from all the rain.

Then, THEN, we learned we'd had a secret roommate for who knows how long! Mom moved a houseplant out to the patio so it could enjoy its last days in the sun, and look who had set up housekeeping in it (click to biggify if you can't see).

We weren't scared because black widows are normally very shy. She disappeared in short order. But it's good she didn't spin a web while she was inside, because Kangaroo Girl has been known to snack on webs as if they were cotton candy. (No doubt at the kangaroo's insistence.)

It's no wonder we needed another week to recuperate!


  1. OMG @ your last picture! That's the kind of roommate you DON'T need--even worser than a woofie! ::Shudder::

    That new kitteh bedding looks like a barrel of laughs! Maybe we could see Caroline reclining on it?

  2. Holy Cats! That is some exciting excitement!
    Mystery grass? What the heck is THAT?
    And Mrs. Widow...Mommy is good with spiders and snakes, etc...but those give her MAJOR heebie jeebies. They are all over the outbuildings at her work and she hatehatehates them!

  3. OMC! My human lives in fear of black widows!! Not for herself, but for us kitties. One bite from one of those creatures would kill us, especially me since I am a small cat. That is why we are not allowed in the garage - they build webs out there sometimes. Black widows are the only spiders my human kills.

  4. Hey William, I agree with Sparkle, those black widows are bad news, watch because it may be a mommy an went to hatch hundreds of babies somewhere. Be careful!

  5. Goodness you did a lot! I'd stay out of that cat bedding -- looks itchy to me.

  6. oh oh oh oh oh aliens on the ROOF?? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - Sammy

  7. The Woman hates spiders whether they a poisonous or not. Rather I should say she runs screaming from the room at even a tiny spider. We had a wolf in our sink once--you can image the running and screaming and hysteria that followed THAT.

  8. Black Widow!!!
    Holy cats you are so nonchalant about it!!!
    We thought that first picture was an early snow. Gave us quite a fright!

  9. Busy, busy, busy. We thought it was suppose to be a stay-cation of rest and relaxation, and not dealing with aliens and such.

    Mystery grass: is that from the bird seed?

  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Don't worry, that was just our mum when she saw that spider.

  11. Did someone say spider? *shriek* ick ick ick.
    Sorry, hoomin is arachnophobic.
    We're back online btw.


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