Thursday, August 19, 2010

We All Need A Weekend.

There was too much sadness this week and at my house way too much drama today. Russell had Caroline trapped like a rat in the bathroom, and then he cornered her in the bathtub. The screaming! The hissing! THE SCREECHING! The whole thing got all our tails in a puff and I'm surprised the Cat Police weren't called by our neighbors! Russell got scolded big time–not that that does any good. He behaved for about three and a half minutes and then I guess he forgot he wasn't supposed to torment the nip out of Caroline.

Then–then!–my mom's planning to bake a cake tonight. (This is something of an event, you see.) And that will mean "[Insert one of our names here], for the nth time, get off the counter! I'm not going to tell you again." And then she'll just tell us again!

And this probably means no watching Lost on Hulu tonight, which is our ritual. Sigh. I just hope we don't miss out on our nightly treats.

Boy, I hope we all have a peaceful weekend. Have fun, everybody!


  1. Russell apparently wants more nose bopping.

  2. Poor Caroline, Russell needs to give her a break! I hope y'all have a calm weekend fur sure!

  3. W are sad about losing our friends too.
    Now on top of that you guys have drama :o
    Well,it should be fun watching your Mom make a cake ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  4. Humans have to make up their minds. 80% of the time I bet your Mom doesn't mind you on the counter. So why is it such a big deal when she wants to make a cake?

    Hope your weekend is dreamy.

  5. Is the Cake for us? Mommy loves Cake.

    Russell, we think you and Caroline need calming collars...they helped us when we were all upset last spring and we fought and whizzed and were Bad Cats, in general.

    We loves you guys...have a nice relaxing weekend. Thanks for being our pals.

  6. Yes, we all need a weekend. Do you have any extras?

  7. Oh yeah, we hear that "I'm not telling you again!" ALL.THE.TIME. yet somehow, she says it again! Duh. Sometimes, when she says that, I go ahead and do whatever it was just so I can hear her dribble verbal dumbbombs...

  8. It's a good thing we had thunder last night, or else we would've heard your commotion here in Kitty Colorado.

    Cake? Sounds mmmmmmmmmmmmm ...; send some, please.

    Have a good weekend. (Behave Russell.)

  9. Oh, SNAP! All that drama and I missed it because my Human has been completely neglectful of all my social and blogging needs this week! I can't wait to hear how the weekend went. I think Russell might need a Valium, though!

  10. We hope you have a peaceful weekend too. FAZ

  11. We're having the same type of thing happening here! Except it is the stinky menace trapping me. He is relentless. I'll let you know if we find any tips about keeping Joel away, then maybe those will work on Russell.
    How did the cake baking go? Did you get to try any?

  12. Sure hope all of you had a nice weekend, after all the drama during the week. Poor Caroline, have to agree with one of the post's above, Russell may need a little valium. Cleo gives me somewhat of a bad time now and then, but thank goodness it's not continuous. Hope you got your snacks William.



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