Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesdays With Russell.

That random cat didn't try to get in last night because it was raining and only the snails were out in it. The rain came with nice cool weather and today it was just perfect–breezy and in the upper 70s! Aaaah, open windows!

It was the absolute best kind of day for snoozing so I took a break from teasing playing.


  1. Russell, you should hide your cute pink nose if you want to nap undisturbed. Some human may come by and try to touch it - or worse yet, actually kiss it!

  2. Russell, It is hard to reconcile your sweet sleepy self with the tormentor of Caroline. Perhaps William is 'zaggerating?

    Or do you think you might need an exorcism, Russell? 'Cause I could give it a try, MOL!

  3. Russell, No matter what else you do, you sleep like an angel.

  4. Hello Russell! We're glad your weather has cooled off.

  5. Oh...70's? We are envious but NOAH says we are going to have a long autumn...bring it on...means the best napping weather ever!


Wowee meowee.