Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday Wrap-Up.

We're waiting for the rain. We can hear the thunder and it's cooled down, so any moment now we may have William Lake in the front yard. And because it got so dark? Mom fed us early! (Well, it certainly seemed like dinnertime, so of course we began to mill about in the kitchen.)

Poor Caroline remains teased upon. Sure, my bro always looks like a little angel in his pictures, but he really does heckle Caroline–and Gracie, too–to no end. Olivia has never stood for his nonsense.

Oh, and you know what my mom found today? When she went to fill the bird feeders, she found that some seeds stuck in the corners and crevices had actually sprouted because of the rain! Also, there appears to be something akin to grass in the back yard now! Things are just growing all over the place!

Thanks for leaving us comments even though we don't get to visit a whole lot these days. I don't know why my mom finds it uncomfortable to sit in the same chair for hours and hours and hours. I guess because she isn't a cat.

Well, have a fun toy- and treat-filled weekend, everybody!


  1. Hi William, I guess I'll take your word for it about Russell, though he does look like such a sweet oranje boy! Maybe Olivia should give Gracie and Caroline some tips?

    On another topic, the Human (who has the blackest thumb you ever saw)went and bought some NIP seeds at the hardware store and potted them, and put the pot out on the roof of the little garage right outside the dining room window. I'm not getting my hopes up because it's foggy and cold and her track record isn't very good. But we'll see!

  2. Lake William! We like the sound of that.

    Russell, some day you'll be the elder Cat, maybe you need to settle down so Karma won't revisit you...just sayin'.

  3. Hello handsome friend William! We hope you have some nice cooling rain but not so much that Lake William turns into William Ocean. Maybe Russell needs to have some nip and chill out?

    See you when we get back from our staycation!

  4. Mums. All they seem to do is complain. They need to stop the complainin' and start the tunaing!!

  5. We have the same problem with our mum. You'd think they'd give anything for a nice sit down, wouldn't you?

    have a great weekend!

  6. Well I hope y'all have a totally fantastic weekend!!!

  7. We couldn't find your lake marked on our map of New Mexico ... it must be an oversight.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Hope that the rain isn't too bad and that William Lake doesn't flood.

    We hope that you all have a relaxing weekend and Russell doesn't torment his sisfurs too much!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  9. William,
    Your eyes look so gorgeous in that picture. You are quite a handsome tiny boy.
    Aunt M

  10. Hope you get coolness soon. We have to watch the sprouting bird seeds too. Mum was outside briefly, found 4 good size sunflower plants that come from the feeder. The birdies can eat that too.

    Our one feeder gets really ripe, so if it is going to be wet, mum doesn't fill it up until AFTER it rains.

    Happy Weekend.

  11. William, we are waiting for the cool down too!!!!!! Especially Mom ;)
    She also finds it hard to sit for hours and keeps wanting to go off and do things! sheesh!!! Must be this Summer thing :/
    We just hope your Mom has lots of time for you(and your sibs) :)
    Have a great weekend!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  12. P.S. The Human feels a little silly about her first post above. We both thought that your Mom was a fantastic gardener! We don't 'zackly remember why; we musta mixed her up with some other Mom!

    But still, I am hoping the Nip thing works out!

  13. We LOVE these pictures of you hanging out and looking so comfy! Hope your siblings and you had a good weekend with not TOO much teasing!!!


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