Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thursday Wrap-Up.

Well, our biggest excitement this week was a moth in the house. (This is not to be confused with the aliens in the house from last week, who–despite Caroline's fretting–actually saved us from death rays.) Russell got cross when Mom coaxed the moth to leave, but after he was eyeballing the ceiling fan when the moth was near it, she thought it best for the moth to go home to his own family. You know my bro–he would have been spinning around on the fan blades like some sort of cartoon.

Oh, and I helped Mom finish up the new sisal rope on our towers. We did a very nice job!

So of course I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Have fun, everyone, and stay cool!


  1. I hope you stay cool too! Maybe another moth will come your way!

  2. We had a moth insideonce,but Tillie was faster than Mom ;) heehee
    Mom could not believe Tillie got it and ate it in one bite!!!! Caroline still on duty? heehee
    We bet your sisal looks great too :)
    Have a COOL WEEKEND!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  3. I dedded a house cricket last night. Bugs are fun fun.

  4. A moth! Those are fun to de-wing!

  5. Yeah, you've earned the right to a relaxing (and hopefully a cool) weekend. Enjoy...

    Our human staff is going to that cat sanctuary tomorrow morning and is going to come home smelling like all kinds of cats.

  6. Moths! Oh we love to eat those. Sometimes Daddy will go out and get some for us by the porch light and bring them in for us.

    Daddy rocks!

    We are looking forward to seeing your new scratchy posts...

  7. I really don't see how you could BE any more relaxed, William!

  8. Mum leaves all the curtains and windows and doors open until she goes to bed when it is hot so we get lots of moths come in.
    We laughed because we had a picture of Russell sitting on the fan spinning around eating a bowl full of moths.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Oh a moth! Derry is an excellent moth-catcher and moth-nommer! Crunch crunch!

    Happy weekend to you all!

  10. Yup - we could totally see Russell hanging from the ceiling fan!

    Have a great weekend and try to stay cool in the heat,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  11. We love it when moths get in the house too!
    We just saw Caroline's video...what a sweet voice1

  12. Sounds like Mom saved your bro from certain chaos! lol

    Hope you have a restful weekend :)

  13. oh man, i'm sorry you missed munching on the moth. they actully don't taste to bad. kinda crunchy with a tangy aftertaste. maybe next time.

    whoa, we just saw the aliens. that is just not right. i think i'd have hid. unless it fed me stinky goodness.

    we had the same problem with boomies going off after Sunday too. i hope there are no more this weekend. purrs

  14. Ya know? We actally like moths in the house better than mousies. We got mousies outside. But mothies only come out at night when we arent!

    So we only get ta play with mothies when they get inside an wake up at night. AND - they cant LEAVE! Its wunnerful!!!

  15. It was nice of your Mom to set the moth free. We like to moth hunt, but you don't want to do it near the ceiling fan.


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