Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Ready For The Weekend.

One more day. And another storm in the forecast! Fireplace time!

Have a nap-, toy- and treat-filled weekend, everybody! That's what I'm going to do!

(Oh, and the one Caroline was getting all pointy about in her post? It was the feisty little Gracie. Bast knows, I would never take Caroline's sleepbox.)


  1. Gracie!!! Hahahahahahahah There's a kitty that likes living on the edge ;)
    A nap,toy and treat-filled weekend sounds like a great idea for us too!!! We are having a windy rainstorm and it feels cold and damp.
    Lots of snuggling will be going on here :)
    a nap-, toy- and treat-filled weekend

  2. Well of course you wouldn't disturb her! We know you are a gentleman!

  3. Oooh, fireplace time is allus good. We gotta get The Big Thing ta make a fireplace fire. We haven't had one all this year and that is just wrong.

  4. Smart Kitteh! We think maybe it's not such a good idea to displease the Queen.

  5. Gracie!!! We never woulda guessed!
    We heard about the storm out your way, but the fireplace makes it bearable.

  6. Have a good weekend in front of your cracklin' fire.

    We knew it wasn't you, William, in Caroline's sleepbox.

  7. We've got storms forecast for the weekend too so we won't be going far from the fireplace either.

  8. Good luck with your storm. Come ON, Spring!

  9. Hey William! Glad you are getting fireplace time. I feel bad that I haven't been over to visit you for ages, but I can see you are all doing well. Purrs to my ginger friend Russell Bustle!


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