Sunday, January 31, 2010

What A Week. Month. Year So Far.

Finally. Birds have seed and we have entertainment!

You would think with my mom being preoccupied this past week and her long, long hours away from home that she would just forget about the fact that Olivia and I had to get shot on Wednesday, but no. And let me tell you, I did everything I could not to get into that stupid troll box! And then I did everything I could not to get out of that stupid troll box! Very unpleasant.

And if that weren't bad enough, there were a few unkind remarks made about my weight. I certainly wasn't expecting to have my feelings hurt by my favorite Dr. R. And then Mom even told me she couldn't call me Tiny Boy any more but Tonny Boy! I thought that was pretty mean, especially since it's just sympathy weight with her stress.

It's good I'm not one to hold a grudge. In fact, here's a message from my mom:
I can't thank you enough for your comments and support. It gave me great solace during a very trying and emotional week. (Reighnie, my heart goes out to you and your husband, and I hope the future treats you both better.) Thank you all so much again–I love this community!
~William's mom.


  1. Tonny Boy?????????????? You!!! Dr R must be mistaken!! But for your Mom to call you Tonny Boy...well! Go chase Russell, that will take care of things !! heh,heh,heh!!
    We certainly hope your Mom's troubles are over and she can relax...with her fave black kitty :)
    Tiny right??
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie
    PeeEss: Guess what your word verification is..."trample"

  2. Oh no William! Tonny Boy!?! That just sounds rude!

    Please give your Mom an extra head bump from each of us. We just read your post from last Sunday and Mom is furious with these unelected federal bureaucrats and unmonitored federal agencies that have so much power to destroy so many people. We will purray for you, your Mom and her friends.

    I just gave you an award on my blog. Maybe it will help you smile a little bit.

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and snappy tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi and Tiger Lily

  3. Tonny Boy? That sounds like something my humans would do. Your human has always sounded so much nicer.

  4. We like your window and how you can all look out at the same time. Don't let anyone call you Tonnny.

  5. What does Tonny boy mean? Sorry we are slow. That is nice that you have birdies to watch again.

  6. some weight is good. Lynettea is always telling me to eat up my food and put on some weight.

  7. I can't believe that your Mom called you Tonny Boy, William. That is just uncalled for. I am glad that the birds have seed and you have cat TV again. I hope that your Mom is feeling better from all she has been going through.

  8. Purrs and headbumps to your Mom, and a sympathy purr for you and Olivia having to go for shots. Maybe Mom will slip back from Tonny Boy to Tiny Boy (it is really easier to say). Anyway, you can't possibly weigh a ton.

  9. Tonny Boy? Does that mean your mom thinks you weigh a ton? How rude!

    We used to give our mom lots of trouble when trying to get us into carriers, until she bought top-loading ones. Now there's no escape, she just plops us in. Aacck!

    Sending healing purrs and kitty kisses to all.

    -The Fuzzy Tales crew

  10. Tonny Boy??? Mums can be so rude sometimes. Mine calls me Humpalump.

  11. oh William, that was rude of her. but cut her some slack - she's had a hard week.

  12. "Tonny Boy"???

    Purring for all of you, hope things start looking up soon. xoxo

  13. We sympathize, William and Olivia. At least you're safe until next year.

  14. Gosh, if you're a "Tonny Boy" I wonder what my VET will say about me? Mom calls me a balloon on legs!

    Max S.

  15. Oh no, not Tonny Boy! Better than Blubber Butt, like Disco gets called (and then the humans say Oh but he has such a pretty face...)

  16. Oh William I'm sure she really doesn't mean to call you Tonny Boy. Remember she has been very upset lately. What a very nasty thing to have to happen to her. We read what happened in the Sunday post and my Mom knows you can't believe anything the media tells you. They lie through their teeth. It's not going to get any better throughout the United States. Purrs and prayers for your Mom

    Casper and crew

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