Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can You Imagine?

"Eek eek eek eek err. Eek."

Caroline shares her thoughts in her own language. It's time to take over the world, she says. Things would be way different. She is compiling her lists right this minute–"Friends of Caroline" and "Enemies of Caroline." I think Russell better beware.

Not even us cats could have prevented the devastating Haitian earthquake, but let's all keep the victims of this tragedy in our thoughts. If you're able, think about donating a little bit of your saved up cat toy money. It doesn't have to be a lot. Just be careful of scams; check out this article on CNN for some legitimate relief efforts.

Be well and warm, everyone.


  1. We wanna be on the friends list... firmly on the friends list.

  2. Caroline, we think you'd be SUPER at running the world! Truly. (does that get us on the friends list?)

  3. I do hope I am on her friends list. I hate having enemies.

  4. Good luck Your Highness. You know where I stand...with the cats!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. We hope we made the "Friends of Caroline" list. It would be bummer to be on the other one.

  6. Oh Caroline, everycat in the cat blogosphere will be on the "friends" list, right? Well, everycat 'cept Russell, that is.


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