Sunday, November 22, 2009

Easy Like Sunday.

So my mom slept in this morning–something she rarely does. But I didn't bug her to get up–I found something to entertain myself with. She'd left the bungee cord off the cupboard under the sink by mistake last night and those puny kid-proof latches can't stop me! I got the sponges and had a blast shredding them! (My fourth favorite thing in the world, right after weatherstripping, rubber gloves and TP.)

The whole day was off with this sleeping business, but even Gracie helped Mom catch up with laundry.

Aunt M came by for dinner last night. And she'll be catsitting for us next week. We can't wait! Mom is going to visit Aunt L again, and despite Caroline's most fervent wish, Russell will staying home with us.

Well, I think we're finally caught up for the day, so now it's time to nap!


  1. You have to tell us the secret to getting past the baby-locks. We have some cabinets we need to explore.

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun this morning!

  3. I love paper and box stuff. Chew, chew, chew! I destroyed a empty bafroom tube in like 3 minits taday!

  4. Gracie looks gorgeous helping your mom with the laundry! William, mom says she remembers your penchant for sponges when you were a little bitty tiny boy...good job!

  5. Poor sponges and poor Mom having to clean up the bits.

    Gracie, do you sleep on both the dirty AND the clean piles? I love to lie on the warm clean laundry and get it all furry.

    I have awarded you the Honest Scrap award if you would like to do it. Come to my blog to find out.

  6. Looks like you had a very productive Sunday.

  7. I have never torn up a sponge but I'm gonna try because it looks like BIG FUN! I was naughty yesterday and got Mom up real early. It isn't my fault I was hungry!

  8. Brilliant, William!

    Gracie, you look so serene on top of that pile of laundry.

  9. William,you & my sisfur Tillie would get along just fine ;)
    She loves TP,bread bags(with bread in it) and getting into cupboards!!
    Hope your Aunt M spoils you while your Mom is away(the nerve,eh)
    The "eh" is Canadian speak,heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  10. I don't invade the the cupboards, but if mum opens one, I want to get inside.


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