Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Again.

I was feeling pretty lazyish today so I didn't get much done. I ate a little bit and that was about all. You know how it is.


  1. Totally!!!!
    I just ate and napped a lot today too ;) I liked it too,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  2. Lazy is a good's what cats are all about. ;)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew
    Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie, and Their Mommy

  3. It is very hard to be motivated on a Monday! We're good at being lazy too.

  4. Lying on that brown makes your fur seem like it's got some brown highlights...interesting.

  5. Napping sounds very good. I'm glad the Booda Dome is now a nap dome. And Russell's smile ... can't get enough of that. If you're still in the litter battle, check out this review at the Creek Cats (

  6. sigh, that sounds like a great way to spend the day. especially the eating and napping parts. ha ha ha

    bummer that the car isn't black. i don't get that at all. oh well, i guess if Russell is happy that is OK too.

    BTW, I use Feline Pine!! Luckily I don't have any sisters to whine about it and make me switch cause I love it. Um, don't let your sisters see that comment OK. Bendrix is hiding cause of mom's hormones and, well, I hear sisters can be pretty tough...


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