Monday, June 08, 2009

It Was Pretty Much Because Of Me.

See, we've been a fan of Swheatscoop litter for eons. But you know me–I love to dig and kick and generally have as much fun as I can in the box. Well, all these litter bits were getting deeply stuck in my fur because–as you may not know–I am totally electric, all the time! So my mom would pet me, and a ton would come off, and I'd groom, and a half-ton would wind up in my tummy, and no amount of brushing eliminated all of it. Plus, the dust. This really showed on me.

Anyway, one day when Mom was at the cat store she was looking at litter and thought she'd try this fine-grained clay litter, and last Wednesday night she figured she'd put it out. Well, we all used it but we all hated it–it wasn't dusty or anything, just not good with odor control. Mom hated it just as much–she could smell the clay all through the house. Plus, it was heavy and gritty and hard to keep clean. Four days of that was all Mom could take.

So that led her to get Feline Pine. Now, when I first moved in with Mom, that's what was in the box, so this was no big deal to me. And Bustle Boy, he's fine with it, too. But the girls! What a pack of princesses. The kangaroo made Olivia pee on the Pee Queen's mat, and her bladder is the size of a Brahma bull's compared to PQ's lima bean-sized bladder! Mom was just so thrilled! So now there's yet another box with mostly Swheatscoop and like two pellets of FP, just for them.

Of course, Russell and I use it too just to bug them.

So there you have it. I like the smell of the FP–it smells like Home Depot!–but if the girls can't get over themselves, I guess I'll have to go back to being the Electric Boy With Litter Bits On Him.

P.S. If you saw some other title before–please ignore it. Obviously I'm just a niphead.


  1. My mom is afraid to try anything new because we might mutiny...but our Nigel is silly and he sits his butt in the litter and it sticks...ewww!!! Maybe something like this would help him be less of a stinky boy. Either that or a lifetime supply of baby wipes.

  2. Each cat has its own opinion when it comes to litter... Caitie is terribly finicky and hates scents of any kind, including pine. So you could say we understand what you're going through right now...

  3. After the Great Breeze Box War of 2008,. the Woman thinks we'll stick with Tidy Cat. Apparently pooping on the floor makes her think I'm picky about my litter..

  4. I've tried a bunch of different litters & have been lucky that my cats have always tolerated change.

    I like the smell of the pines but find they tend to track more once they become sawdusty and sometimes they stay damp.

    Some of the clumping litters are like concrete once wet and some non-clumping litters are extremely dusty.

    The silicone beads hold in the odor so I find them the stinkiest and I would imagine uncomfortable for the cats to step into.

    As many as we try, we keep going back to the same brand, which I can't remember the name of right now (it's in a red bag and I want to say it's called Kitty Scoop by Purina but I'm not sure... I'll find out and come back later with it).

  5. Don't you just love how the people get themselves into these situations!?!!

  6. Mom and Dad are cat-sitting for the neighbors and they use Fresh Step which is surprisingly fresh and not too dusty either. Still, leave it to the girls to complicate things. The smell of Home Depot in the house sounds good, really.

  7. When our mom switched us a long time ago to "The Best Cat Litter in the World" (yes, it's actually called that) we, at first, hated it cuz it was so soft on our feet. It's made from corn and it's flushable which makes mom happy. We really like it now unless mom fills the box with too much and then when I squat it get's on my tushie and mom has to get out my washcloth and clean my bottom because I can't quite reach there (yes, I'm a tad cubby).

  8. Gee!! We are pretty laid back about litter!! All we want is something to scratch and dig in and move around from one end of the box to the other!! Georgia just likes to get in,play and shoot out of the box like a cannon,heehee!!
    Mom has to vacuum,but we don't care. We;re cats! hahahahaha
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  9. I'm like Max, a Tidy Cat cat! But we have space to put the box down in the dungeon. So well out of the way and space for any pungent smells to disperse to.

  10. Mom got a free box of dat Fresh Step Lavender stuff and so she thawt she would try it so when our box hadda be emptied and washed (every two weeks) she re-filled it wif dat stuff. Dang, we all love it! It scratches nicely which pleases Sadie, it isn't ruff on yoor paw pads which pleases Zippy and it clumps up on my, um, er, "skwishy" poops. Dad likes it cuz he hardly ever smells our "bizness" which, if yoo ever smelled Sadie, yoo would say was a miracle. Yes, my lovely little sisfur stinks like a donkey dat's eaten something rotten. Oh man, she's gonna kill me...


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