Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tell All Tuesday.

OK, so you know how spazzy my mom is with birthdays. Well, she did it again and forgot my bro's birthday. Russell turned three on March 28. If he hadn't gotten a birthday card from Petsmart and a free toy, she would have missed it altogether!

And this month? Petsmart already sent me a card and Olivia a card, so I hope Mom will not forget our birthdays. I'm still for having one great big birthday celebration for all of us with like a hundred toys and stuff.

Now, where is that toy Russell got?


  1. One big party would be a lot of fun for the kitties. We hope you get a neat toy, and have fun with your brother's toy too.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Russell! And to you & Olivia on your coming up ones!

    (I hope you found that toy.)

  3. Having a big party sounds like a good time!

    Happy Birthday Russell...even if it is a wee bit late.

  4. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY to Russell!!!

    But man, Petsmart never sent ME a toy :(

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Russell! A great big party with a hundred toys sounds like a great idea to me, William. I hope you found the toy.

  6. Smoochies to Russell for his 3rd birthday! Oh, and the toy - it's under the pillow on the couch...

  7. Happy belated Birthday Russell!
    Happy Birthday Olivia!
    Happy Birthday soon William!

    We forgot too!

  8. I think a big party for all of you would be great fun!

    Happy Birthday Russell!!

    If it makes you feel any better, our Mom stinks at birthday stuff too!

  9. Happy Birthday to Russell (which is never too late to say). And, Happy Birthday to William and Olivia (which is never too early to say).

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Russell. Maybe your Mom needs a PawPilot to keep up with your birthdays.

  11. Oh my goodness, happy belated purrthday, Russell. I'll be 3 in a few days, too!

    One big party sounds like fun.

    Your friend

  12. Oh no! Your person sounds as bad as mine... sigh. I hope you get a grand party for all of you!

  13. Oh no...I hope he got a good toy to make up for this!

  14. Well Happy Birthday to everyone there with recent birthdays! Get some extra stinky goodness or crunchies out of the deal since your mom forgot!! Work it!

    Theodore and Sasha


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