Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meezer Complaint Wednesday.

It's me, Caroline!

I don't think it's fair that William gets to celebrate his birthday over a bunch days and I don't (he's already getting birthday wishes and his birthday is really tomorrow, April 23). I also don't like the fact that when I napped on my mom today she said I was crushing her! But if Kangaroo Girl is already napping on her legs–and you know I can't stand to get too close to her–where else can I sleep but on Mom's chest/neck/face? Besides, if she's breathing less, isn't that a good thing for Earth Day? And what do I get for my efforts? An insult!

Oh, and William says THANKS for all the birthday wishes!


  1. Poor Caroline we're sorry you got insulted. We get accused of crushing the staff too.

  2. You look so pretty in that picture, Caroline! But you poor thing, having to tolerate such awful things... our human says you can come over and sleep on our bed any way you like.

  3. Oah Poor dear little girl~!!!
    I hope you will have better spot for sleeping tomorrow~~~~
    Big Big hugs~~~

  4. It is not fair. Alas I have found that meezers are such wonderful cats we are often short changed when it comes to things like attention and birthday celebrations...

  5. We offer you a place to sleep but you'd be fighting for prime real estate with all of us. Caroline, at least in our house momma Meezer Ellie does get the prime spot.

    Happy Birthday to William!

  6. Well, its the 23rd, so Happy Birfday William!

  7. Caroline dear, I like to lay on Mom's neck and I get the same insults. It's like she thinks I'm fat or something!!


  8. William...happy purrthday!!! We're on our way over to celebrate.

  9. Hi Caroline! We're so sorry you were insulted, don't Moms know that you should be allowed to sleep wherever you want??

    Happy Birthday William!

  10. Poor Caroline. Remember, you can visit us anytime.

  11. It's the 23rd today, where's the birthday boy? Happy Birthday William!
    Caroline, we think your mom should appreciate your kindness to help her breathe less air. You are a very considerate kitty!

  12. Caroline, I normally think girls complain a lot. My sisfurs do :O
    However, in this case, I must agree with you. I do not,however,recommend sleeping on your Mom's face ;)
    Maybe you can sleep close to her :)
    Thank you for your purrs!! The Vet says that things are in early stages,so I am hopeful :)
    Purrs Mickey


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