Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meezer Chat Wednesday.

It's me, Caroline!

I didn't feel like having a picture tonight, so instead I'm showing you the special no-slip paw pads on our new cat boxes. Are these cool or what?

We had to get the new boxes because of the little Pee Queen, who was too timid to use the perfectly good extra-large box we had before and only occasionally used the dumb Booda Dome Mom had gotten just for her. (P.Q. had taken to using a rubber mat near the garage access door on the other occasions, which was getting mighty old and was gross, too, if you ask me.) But you know what? I think this latest arrangement is working. I think we all like the new smaller boxes (they're actually just regular large). Plus, we've all managed to pretty much use one for one thing and the other for the other thing, if you understand what I'm meowing. And I know the boys are just waiting to get the cleaned and empty dumb Booda Dome back to play or hide in, because we all think it makes a better toy than cat box. Win-win-win!

Anyway, I thought I'd also explain why I'm third in the order of things when my mom gets home. It's because she always calls "Hi, boys!" and even though I'm a girl I always run to meet her too. So I don't mind letting William and Russell go first. Especially since I know I am her favorite little girl. I had to draw a line in the litter where the P.Q. was concerned, though. I mean, really, how much disruption does she expect the rest of us to tolerate?

Oh, and guess what? We have a sudden mom day tomorrow! The trade-off is dealing with an alien in to replace a broken water shut off valve that Mom can't get loose, but it's so worth it!


  1. Hi Caroline. We still think your mom should come home and say "Hi Caroline, Hi Boys, and then Hi other girls." That is the order it should be - you are a meezer. We are glad tho that you are the first girl greeted. The litter box situation sounds like it is a good deal. We like the no slip feet.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  2. That looks like a really nice litter box. The Booda dome does sound like a better toy than a litter box.

  3. How interesting. I can't believe she doesn't like the litter boxes. Well maybe they were too big for her?

  4. How many boxes do you have? We have one for each cat, 2 downstairs & one up. Some cats just don't like to share & go anywhere else but in the box.

  5. Some kitties are finicky about where they pody, we hear that one loud and clear caroline. we flat out refuse to use a box that has a little roofie on top, a lid. we HATES those.

    theodore and sasha

  6. We have demanded lots of boxes in our house, but none of them have deluxe no slip feet!

  7. Those are pretty cool!!!! Does your mom holler "be good boys and girls" when she leaves the house? ours STILL does even though we don't haf any girls here anymore.

  8. Hey Caroline, since you run to meet your Mom I hope she pets you before the boys even though she says Hi to the boys. All of us here like the dome top boxes, it's a little more private, if you know what I mean.


  9. Hai Carolin. Me Iza. Me use the bathtub...


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