Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meezer Random Thoughts Wednesday.

It's me, Caroline! Tonight I'm just thinking about stuff.

  • I'm not sure about this new girl. She did chase Russell (!) this evening when he was teasing me to screaming point, but she makes me hiss. I have to keep a constant eye out for her. So I don't know.
  • Russell doesn't like treats. Let me repeat that: RUSSELL DOESN'T LIKE TREATS. I don't think I need any other proof that he's just not right in his tiny cat head.
  • If it were just me and Mom, we could have all kinds of pretty and sparkly decorations all over the place because I would never try to eat them or play with them. So I think we should decorate her room and I could stay in there.
  • Olivia still doesn't like me, even after all this time. Pretty much she only likes Mom. But only when Mom's doing catbox duty. So maybe she's not being friendly so much as snoopervising.
  • William is convinced that he will be Secretary of Cats in the Obama administration. What else is there to do but an eye roll. Does he really think we'd all pack up and move to Washington, DC just like that?
  • Oh, and I have a message for Parker because my brother keeps forgetting. We haven't been able to leave a comment in eons, no matter how hard we've tried! We keep visiting, though. And I think that should be a priority of William's Department of Cats on day one!


  1. Oh thanks for letting me know! I'm just glad that I can comment - smooches to you and to everyone and a special smooch from my Mom to Russell, she's so in love with that boy!

  2. So Gracie is taking on Russell? That ginger boy may have his paws full.

  3. Hmmm, William as Secretary of Cats?...I kind of like that. Caroline, you should definitely be the Secretary of the Interior...the interior of your whole house!

  4. Momma sed not to worry..... there will be PLENTY of treats bof here an grammies howse AND the new-to-be-determined howse. We's NOT a'citied 'bout mofin', but FURRY proud of owr Daddy.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  5. Secretary of Cats? Obama was making a secretary of cats and I didn't even get that position?!

    Now I am really depressed.

  6. You have shared many things today, Caroline~!
    Every detail is very important~!!!
    I think you need to take sometime to like your new sisters~!!! Well, many as long as like me and Lego.... We are still working on~~ I hope you won't be like my condition~~

  7. I do think that William should be Secretary of Cats and fix your comment problem as soon as possible. I enjoy thinking about Russell getting chased by Gracie, because I seem to remember that he liked chasing you and Olivia when he first moved in.

  8. it sounds like there will be a smackdown between Gracie and Russell soon.

  9. We have lots of trouble trying to comment at Parkers too. Wonder why?
    Caroline, we think that is a good idea to decorate a room just for you. It would make a perfect retreat room for a nice relaxing get-away.

  10. Caroline you sure are thought provoking today. I to think William would be a good secretary of cats. Well, Mom also would like to decorate a lot too, but Cleo and I like to play. So that is why she is keeping us closed up in her bedroom at night. I love to undecorate the tree. Goodness, never thought a cat would not like treats either.

    We have an award for all of you on our site today.


  11. Lots of neat thoughts Caroline :) Maybe you should have a room to yourself...I do ;)
    I also have problems posting comments at some blogs. I just thought blogger did not like me,heeheehee
    Secretary of Cats??? Cool :)
    Purrs Mickey

  12. Caroline, I don't like treats either. Does that mean I'm not right in my tiny head!

    Your friend

  13. you are a very introspective kitty Caroline ~the Fluffy Tribe

  14. That's a lot of stuff to think about, Caroline.

  15. I love this blog entry. Very clever. Actually I just really like your blog. And the photos you take of your cats are really good too!


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