Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cold Front.

It got suddenly cold and very windy here today. I sure could have used my mom as a source of warmth. You'd think us four could all nestle together under these circumstances, wouldn't you? But we're just not into cat piling unless it includes Mom, so I guess we'll all have to make do until the weekend.

Stay warm and have fun, everyone!


  1. It got furry windy heer too! Maybe it's the same wind?? We don't snuggle eifer....efen IF"N Momma is involved!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  2. It has been cold here too. I snuggle up with the teddy bear or mum. I have no one to nap pile with!

  3. I think the wind started up North here, and ended up blowing all the way to you. It is so cold, Momma frozed her hands while she put the decorations on the house.

    She went to the pet store and got us some primo nip. There were 4 tiny boys and girls (all black like you William) waiting for their furrever homes, and she wanted them! Good things she came to her senses, what little she has left.

    Mittens (lover of all things nip)

  4. We are sorry it has gotten cold for you. Nap piles with the mom are the best.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  5. Mommy is always our best heater~!!!!!
    Stay in very warm William~!

  6. Cold here too. Wind straight out of the Cold North. Lots of heavy frost in the mornings, but no snow yet.

  7. It sounds like things are cold all over, William. We are keeping warm and hope you will, too. Black is supposed to hold warmth better than other colors, right?

  8. I hope you have a nice snuggly weekend with your mom!

  9. It's freezing cold here too. Definitely a day for staying cozy warm.

  10. yes it has been cold and nasty here too. i just started snuggling with daddy on the sofa while he watches football on the basement sofa. i do sleep next to mom every night for heat.

    i don't think i'd be into kitty snuggles either. mommy thinks i'm lonely sometimes for a feline friend, but daddy and the VET say no way.

    did you know that in "Hotel California" when they say "stab it with their Steely knives" they are referring to Steely Dan?? Both bands used to check in at hotels under the other bands names and trash the rooms! ha ha ha

  11. It has been super cold and gross here too. My sister likes to stay outside in this weather for some reason, probably cuz she has such long fur, but I prefer toi stay inside and make my own cat pile with just me and my bean.



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