Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Wrap-up.

I was pretty busy these past two days. I helped Mom put a nice toasty blanket on the bed. I snoopervised as she replaced a window crank on one of the kitchen windows. And I really tried to help her get a decent signal on that stupid little DTV box we were forced to buy (lost cat toy dollars, right there!). I got a Cheez-it for my efforts and because I am her favorite tiny boy. That was pretty tasty.

And then I also absolutely promised not to attack any new weatherstripping if she put some up around the door. Well, she hasn't yet, but I know she got some yesterday, so it's only a matter of time!

I bet I could blame Russell for any weatherstripping mishaps.


  1. Little brothers...they gotta be good for SOMETHING!

  2. I bet you could do that at that, huh?! Enjoy the nice toasty blanket!

  3. Oah William~!
    You are such a great big boy~!!!
    A great helper!

  4. We did lottsa of snoopervisin too. Stuff on the Bein litterbox, our litterbox cleanup, cookin (we got some chick-hen), and showin him where we found lotsa new mousie holes while he walked outside wif us.

    Isnt snoopervisin GREAT?

  5. Oh, that's not gud to take monies outta yer toy fund. Why couldn't she take it outta hur fud fund or sumthing!?!

    And yes, grate job preparing to blame the sibling!! Hope yoo enjoy yer weathurstripping chaos!

  6. Are you and Russell crossways with each other?

  7. Huggy Bear tried to get some weather stripping on the front door a while back. Fortunately that game didn't stick. Maybe it's a black cat thing. Good job with all the snoopervising.

  8. No package of fresh weatherstripping for yourself? It must've been an oversight. :)

  9. attacking weatherstripping...if we had some of that maybe we'd attack it too!!!

    Kodak, Winton, 3 Perf and Blossom

  10. Oh, I love toasty blankies on beds. They are very comfy for sleeping and lounging.

    I have to make a confession, that I chewed up our weather stripping and Dad had to do it all over again. It is not my fault it tastes so good!


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