Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Again.

Russell and I were buds again after the obligatory 24 hours of trollishness. Just because we're bros didn't mean I'd let him skate. Especially since I do it to everyone, including my mom, even if it's me who smells funny from the cat fix-it place!

We had a terrific storm pound us late this afternoon. Lots of leaves and things got rained and hailed and blown right off! But it's cooler finally.


P.S. Fifty-three tries later...I have pictures but can't post them. And I gotta get to napping! So I guess we'll all see the rain and the hail and my mom's cat's eye glasses some other day. ::grr::


  1. 53 times to try to post the photos?
    I gave up at the 3rd times,
    and using other photo website to put my photos on.....

    Sometimes Blogger just unexpect!

  2. wow, you are patient with the pictures. we tried 4 times and gave up. glad you're done with the troll stuff.

  3. William, my past two trips to Albuquerque I've been caught in terrible wind storms. Perfect time to hunker down and nap.

  4. We're all excited to see the cat glasses.

  5. Hope you and your mom have more luck with the pictures next try. We can't wait to see the cat's eye glasses!

  6. Yeah, DP blogger was being weird last night. I couldn't load my full monty contest picture until today. Glad you aren't being a troll.


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