Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feeling Kinda Russellish.

Black Cat tagged me for the 6 unspectacular quirks meme, but since I've already done it, I thought I'd do it on my brother's behalf. Because there are things people need to know.
  1. He drools when he purrs. He drools a lot!
  2. He thinks the pendant lights over the mosaic are toys. This gets a mom scowl.
  3. Before he naps with Mom, he does this whole circle thing over and over and over, like a dog. How weird is that?
  4. He lies down on the floor and embraces the water bowl when he takes a drink. How weird is this?
  5. He likes to pull the water bowl all over the floor until there's hardly any water left in it for us. This gets a mom scowl, too.
  6. And this

Could you get your snout any more in that can, bro?


  1. Hey--what's wrong with the food cat photo? I love to eat like that...

  2. I can see he is very enjoy it.
    But it might be better to put the can food at the bowl to eat. It will be more convenient to eat. HAHAHA~~ Anyway, as long as you happy!

  3. Those sound like good quirks. You should see our woofie do that with a cat food cat. She's got a long nose, and mom says she swears Camie can get her whole snout into a can.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. Josie drools when she purrs, too. And yeah, #6, I think he's gotten it all.

  5. I like Russell's quirks. We have our own ones too!

  6. poor Russell, maybe when he was a little kitten he was raised by woofies?

  7. ahahahahahaha Russell sounds funny ~The Fluffy TRibe

  8. Yeah,but licking the can is fun!! Did he get there before you?
    Russell is an interesting cat , for sure,Never a dull moment ;)(especially when you want one!)
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Bwhahahahaha! Yur jus like me! I stick mine nose rite in dat can too. Yoo know we're lucky we don't cut owrselves on dat cat but if dare is some food left den what is a mancat to do?


  10. Mum never gives me the can, but I would do the same thing!

  11. Spot drools on Mom sometimes when she pets him. Mom drools when she sleeps, so in my house the drooling evens out...


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