Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Russell Report.

By Russell

I was very scared today when suddenly I was in the troll box, then in the car, then off to who knew where. I cried and cried because I thought I was going back to the shelter or something. It was about a year ago when that whole adoption yo yo thing happened and I was remembering how awful that time was, all those months before I met Mom and she took me home. I was so afraid that she'd changed her mind because I'd pulled the living room curtain rod out of the wall too many times, or I'd teased Caroline once too often, or because I only let her do some of my toes and squirm with the strength of Atlas to get away from her so she can't do the rest. So I was crying my most pitiful and remorseful and heart-wrenching cries.

I went to the cat fix-it place, and even though I'd been there before, I still remember having seen other fix-it people only to be shuttled from place to place. And not only that, but I didn't see the same guy I saw before, which I thought was a very bad sign.

But it wasn't. I actually saw our regular vet this time and I know everybody loves Dr. R. She was very nice. And not only that, but everybody was all squee! when they saw me–even Mom heard the adoration when I was in the lab! So that was kind of fun and it alleviated some of the pain for being stabbed and poked a million times. I got a shiny red tag for my troubles, too.

Of course, now William is doing his troll bit and hissing and whining at me, all because I smell like the fix-it place. The girls just sniffed and proceeded to ignore me. But do you know the good thing that happened? I actually got to eat all the dinner Mom put out because no one would come near me! I think that was kind of fun, too, even if they are all in a snit for not eating.

I loved seeing Aunt L yesterday. And I met Uncle B, too. He pet us and threw toys to us. My mom was kind of hogging their time, though. And because they're downsizing, they left us some furniture-like objects that we can play on, which is always very exciting. But I'm sorry the visit was so short because I love Aunt L.

And now I'm just wondering when William will stop being a troll and start being my bud again.


  1. Hi Russell, we're glad the v-e-t trip turned out not to be too bad. Mom tries to take us to the v-e-t together when she can cuz of all the hissin' when we don't both go. We're probably getting too big for her to keep doin' that, tho.

  2. You just got to get rid of the vet stink.

  3. ALL he dinner? Wow. I would love ta have all the dinner.


  4. I hope he's your bud again already!

  5. Awwww, sweet Russell...
    I feel your pain, we're all going to the vet today. At least we'll all stink the same.

  6. Aww Russell, we're glad you feel better. We know this is your forever home, not that you should keep pulling down the curtains or anything. I'm sure William still loves you even if you are all stinkified.

  7. Hi Russell

    Glad the vet trip went well and it's all over for at least a squillion now you can be happy and not worry!


  8. Sounds like you hadded a furry busy day. Glad it wented well.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

    pee ess: Fanks fur the info oon the oreo birds!

  9. Russell, our guess is that it will take 2 days and eleventeen sleeps for William to get over being a troll.

  10. We are sorry for the troll behavior. You are such a sweet fellow, you can't possibly smell for very long.

  11. Dont worry. Everyone will get over your fix-it stink! You are a sweet boy and maybe they think you got something special that they didn't!! Like a shiny red tag maybe...?

  12. Hoping the v-e-t smell don't last too long on you, Russell.

  13. William is your bud? Does William know this? heeheehee
    It's good that everything went well at the Vet Russell !!
    Go roll on your Mom's clothes.That will make you smell normal again ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  14. Oh Russell dear, your Mommy will never return you to the shelter, no matter how naughty you are! And William and your sisfurs will love you when the v-e-t smell wears off:) xxx

  15. I talk all the way to the VET and all the way home as well. I guess I don't like going places in the car as I talk up a storm whenever mum takes me anywhere.

    The fix-it place smell will go way soon. Then William won't be as much of a troll.

  16. I am sure he will be you bud again soon. FAZ


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