Thursday, July 17, 2008

Countdown To Ecstasy.

The weekend is almost here! Everything would be good except [insert very old story here] my brother stuck his paw in a full glass of iced coffee, pulled it over and got it all over my mom's desk (and wall and floor and phone and himself) while she was working on stuff. So once again he's killed a tree's worth of paper towels and made my mom get all cross. The only good thing? He had to lick off all the coffee from himself and he hates coffee!

Have fun whatever you do this weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend to you as well~!!!

  2. Eeeew coffee!! It's lucky he didn't pull it over your compooter or you may not have any innernets. Have a great weekend.

  3. iced coffee is ok if there's enough milky stuff in it. even fat free half and half is ok in maple bacon flavored coffee

  4. Russell's always good for a laugh, isn't he? It's a good thing his human likes him. Still, I'd give him a whap or two to make sure he doesn't forget to be more careful.

    Oh, and my human says to tell you he was having a crummy morning and that your post title was just what he needed for a smile. Whatever that means.

  5. Hi William! Ooooh I think my Mom would have been just a little bit upset if one of us spilled a full glass of anything on her desk. It is never neat so a whole bunch of stuff would have been messed up.

    I love your post title!! Mom is coming home tonight so we can be together all day on her birthday tomorrow. Jemima and Zeke and Sushi and Ruckus and my Daddy and I are having trouble being patient while we wait for her.

  6. Is that a lizard on your post? Did you catch it? It looks much bigger than Daisy's lizards!

  7. Did Russell need a java-jolt-pick-me-up?

    Our mom would have freaked-out if we had to lick coffee of ourselves ... she'd be 'fraid we'd get "wire-up". Then she'd probably come after us with an unscented baby wipe - man do we hate those things ...

    Have a great week-end efurry buddy in William's house!

  8. Did he go all caffeene crazy lickin his paws?

  9. That was funny of Russell. Why does he stick his paws in coffee if he doesn't like it? We hope he didn't overdose on caffeine.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  10. Russell of Riotous Reduction (well, less in mugs, more everywhere else, haha)! William loved coffee, if I took my eyes off it for half a mo I would hear "lap, lap, lap" and there he was with his head in my mug! :) xxx

  11. William, I don't know what to tell ya!!
    How do you solve a problem called Russell? ( your Mom can sind the rest)
    Good thing he dosen't loke coffee,heeheehee
    I like that little lizard(?) guarding the Natural Forest :)
    Purrs Mickey

    PeeEss: Hope your weekend was good!

  12. Classic Russell! One night Dad thought he would be the fun Dad and let Josie get an ice cube out of his glass that he had just emptied. Well, Josie made the connection that "glass=ice cube" and started going after full glasses, too. Mom said it's all Dad's fault and that he can't be upset for her spilling his drinks now.


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