Thursday, June 19, 2008


We were all up at 4:00 a.m. this morning. And no, we didn't wake Mom. It was just too warm to sleep. So she opened some windows and put a fan on and it was cool enough for a few hours for us to play.

Anyway, since today was a mom day and she was up real early, we got lots done before it got too too hot. Then, two guys were in the back yard this afternoon to clean up the construction debris from the shed re-roof. (Finally! I mean, even though we couldn't really see it from our favorite window and Mom had piled up the plywood and lumber and stuff neatly, that was a hundred years ago, for meowing out loud.) So now the yard is all tidy. I was going to help Mom assemble our new Adirondack chairs to put under the cypress trees but I think now it's too hot and I'd rather nap.

Mom also got the car washed this morning so we are all really hoping for rain. Our poor trees are shedding like us!

(Oh, and you might be wondering why we don't have the AC on overnight night when it's been boiling here. Mom calls the heating and cooling unit the "Pratt and Whitney" because it pretty much does sound like a jet engine and can wake us all out of a dead sleep, which is why it gets turned off when we go to bed. See, in the really old days, this house had a swamp cooler that lived on the roof, and about five years ago somebody upgraded to the refrigerated we've got now, which is much better. The cooling part lives outside, of course, but the Pratt and Whitney lives inside in the mechanical closet. And the unfortunate thing is the mechanical closet is between Mom's room and our room.)


  1. We're sure wishing we had refrigerated here right now! Sounds like you got a lot of stuff done today!

  2. Our house cooling thing is utterly quiet (upstairs). We love it. In fact, it werks so well, sometimes we go outside ta get warmed up! The Big Thing likes it bein down ta 72 inside...

  3. wow, it's so cool here that we doesn't need our cold air blowy thing on. but it's on anyway becuase someone named MOM is always HOT HOT HOT. even in winter.

  4. It's stuff like that that makes us glad to live here!

  5. We know what your mom means 'bout the noisy machine ... we have a similar set-up here. Man, when that blowy-thing kicks on it's crazy loud.

    Hope you are all stayin' cool & gettin' lotza naps!

  6. your mommy got up with you at 4AM on purpose!?! Man,I've got to figure out how to turn the air off at night so I can get some good 4am play time.
    I hope it cools off there soon. I can't wait to see pictures of the yard!

  7. Stay cool everyone. Mum prefers not to have the AC on, just to have the windows open if it isn't really hot.

  8. Too bad your A/C is too loud!! :(
    Can your Mom insulate the door so it is not so loud? I guess it will be a long hot summer :o

    Purrs MIckey


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