Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All.

Somebody with an O, C or R in their name was the one who left that gigantic pile of Seafood Feast yak in the middle of the kitchen floor that my mom inadvertently stepped in, squished into her shoes (yes, both) and tracked it all over the place before realizing.

And someone with an R in their name not only wolfed down their own food at dinner but the dinner of the one with C in their name as well.

I'm just saying.


  1. HAHAHA!

    *ahem* I mean, your poor Momma!

    Watch, now that my Momma laughed, SHE'LL find a mass of ew in the night under her nekkid toes.

  2. Hi William. The names that start with P and G leaves the messes at our house. Mom and Dad get all out of shape when they do the same thing as your Mom did. From time to time I wolf down to much and bring it back up, but not often.


  3. Well, I knew it wasn't you, William!

  4. It sounds like the one with C in her name will be developing a special meezer rule for the one with R in his name. And, the one with M in her name may end up doing some watching of everybody at meal time.

  5. Eeewww, your poor Mom! Stepping in yak is gross!

    BTW, I love V8 but if you like V8 you'd probably like Clemato even more. Unfortunately both are as rare as hen's teeth here. I've only seen Clemato once and that was about a squillion £s for a teeny weeny bottle:( xxx

  6. P.S. Those peas weren't quite as big as they look in the photo but they were pretty gigantic! I could have done with my William to spike them on his claws, like he used to:) xxx

  7. Nice of you not to name the possible culprits, Wm. That way, no one knows for sure who did it.


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