Sunday, May 11, 2008

Easy Like Mother's Day.

We hope all our friends' moms had a very happy Mother's Day. We made sure our mom had a relaxing day. Well, three of us did, anyway. Russell Bustle's wild week of gross bug eating, clock radio killing and lamp breaking (yes, that happened, too) ended with his yanking the kitchen curtains off the window, rod and all. Sigh.

Three good cats in the sun.


  1. You guys are very very good children~!
    I am glad that you make your mommy had a great Mother's day.

    Happy Mother's day to your mommy!

  2. At least 3 of you are behaving...

  3. must be an orinch cat thing. Billy takes down the curtains in the human litterbox room all the time.

    Happy Mommy's day to your mommy

  4. William, I just noticed your new picture on your "About Me" section. You are sitting on the orange fuzzy thing on your cat-gym-condo-thing. I thought you hated the color orange...or is that only on brothers?

  5. Sure sounds like Russell had a full day!

    We hope your Mom had a very Happy Mother's Day.

  6. We hope your mom had a good day.

    Taking the kitchen curtains down ... sounds like someone just trying to get a look of the window.

  7. Rustle Bustle is still an kitten Wm.
    Patience, patience.

  8. Happy belated mom's day. Where is the bad cat?

  9. We hope your Mom had a very Happy Mother's Day.
    Feliz Dia de la Madre

    Look at my new sister...



Wowee meowee.