Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slow Going.

So we got the block wall extended, and we lucked out with the wind and got the new blocks and the rest of the wall finally painted. Snoopervising has been tough! At least we all got one nap together today.

On Sunday we celebrated Olivia's birthday because Aunt M came by the day before and brought lots of gifts! We got toys and treats and nip and books--the latest Olivia book and Kitten's First Full Moon. I mean Olivia got all that stuff, of course.

Anyway, we hope to catch up with everybody tomorrow. Right now we have to get back to napping!


  1. I think you need to nap. That sounds like such a huge job to snoopervise all of that.

  2. Can you please come do all of DKM's 'Honey Do's" also? She is much lazier than your mum.

  3. Snoopervising is demanding work.
    We hope you all piled around your mom and she read those nice books to you before your nap.

  4. sounds like Olivia hadded a great purrfday! and snoopervising is tiring werk!

  5. I'm feeling exhausted just reading about all you did!

  6. I always knew you were a great snoopervisor ;)
    Have a super duper snooze :)
    Purrs Mickey


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