Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Fiber.

Well, a few weeks ago my mom made an impulse purchase of a new dry food from Purina called Healthful Life. It was just a sample bag and for some reason only Caroline got this new food when she had that chin thing going on. That special treatment didn't last long, though, because we all wanted some and we eventually pushed our way to the dish with the new food in it.

Then about a week ago my mom picked up a regular small bag of it (OK, really she was too lazy busy to go to the cat store for the real stuff) and put it out when our regular food was all gone. It's pretty tasty, but there is something a bit weird about it...it pretty much doubled our output, if you know what I mean. Really! And take it from me, it's very hard to go and go fast while you have one paw over your nose!

Good that we're almost through with it. And I think we're all pretty happy we've got our good old Science Diet back.

Caroline's ecstatic.


  1. As happy as you are to have your Science Diet back, I'm thinking your Mom is even more happy.

    Mom and Dad tried us out with a different food when Target was out of our normal stuff, but it had a similar change to our tracts. Sometimes it's best to stay with what works ... and you guys look real happy to have your good old stuff back again.


  2. I don't think I'd like to have to go even more. I mean I might have more bum incidents...


  3. I am glad your Science Diet back as well~!!!!
    I haven't tried these "Healthful Life" kind before, should I try?

  4. Caroline appears very happy to have her Science Diet back. We like that stuff too.

  5. Your mileage may vary, but Science Diet® Indoor Cat Mature Adult 7+ dry cat food put me in the hospital for 3 days last year. And during that cat food scare. It bound me up so bad that I had to have enimas. Not nice. Sorry about being graphic...It was suggested by the Dr at the vet's office that I don't like (vs the one that owns the practise)...
    ~your friend Rufus~

  6. So nice for you to welcome home the new bag of Science Diet with so much pomp and circumstance! Savor each and every little food ball.

  7. Oh my! I'll bet your mom's happy you've got your old food back also, since she's undoubtedly the litter box cleaner!

  8. Hmmm, mum hadn't see the new Healthful Life food. Maybe since you gave given your input and output, we won't bother with it!

  9. Healthful Life? Sounds more like Life In The Litterbox...

  10. I rub up on and all over my food too when Mummy brings in a new sack MEW!!

    Rufus so sorry you were in the hospital with the ennimaas mew BAD! Mummy used to have me on the Science Diet too until mew mew the BIG SCARE last year

    mew mew Rufus did you have to hold your paw over your nose like William did after he ate the new stuff? mew Mummy laughed so hard over that mew


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