Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three Things On Thursday.

My pal Jimmy Joe tagged me for the Three Things.

The rules are: you have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to Then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

Oh, boy...
  1. I would definitely get into the pantry and open every bag of treats I could get my paws on. I know there are about a thousand bags in there.
  2. Then, while I was still in there, I would shred every roll of TP and paper towels, all at once!
  3. And then, I think I'd lure Russell inside, run out, close the door, and let my mom find him in there!

So now I'm going to tag Ginger (wake up, pretty girl!), Tommy (because he's outnumbered by girls), and Black Cat (because she is a real girl).


  1. I see your lists starts with food too. But you little, black, devious boy to try to pin the action on Russell! HAHAHAHAHA


    what happened to chewing up all of the weatherstripping?

  3. Oh come on now. Think big! What about world domination? Then you could destroy a whole paper towel plant!

    I think Black Cat could get into a lot of trouble. I'll look forward to reading her response.

  4. Little brothers are great for framing!

  5. I think #3 adds an interesting twist William!

  6. Hahahahahaha! Poor little Russell, I thought you loved him now!

    I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on for this meme, but one thing has immediately sprung to mind - no wait, two, mwahahaha:) xxx

  7. Thanks William! I'm thinking...I'm thinking:)

  8. Hey William,
    The message above is from me,Tommy, not from Shilgiah...sorry I forgot to sign!
    Your friend,

  9. William you are pretty smart! I don't have to get Dennis in trouble, he does fine on his own.

  10. Hi again William, just popped in to say I've done the meme. It was fun, thanks for tagging me:) xxx

  11. Hahahaha - your are so bad, William, I love it!!!

  12. I am crazy laughing at No.3~!
    That is so funny~!

    Have a wonderful weekend, William~!


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