Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January First.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Well, we all went to bed at our normal times last night. The fireworks woke us up at midnight but we all went back to sleep right away.

We lead a pretty boring life sometimes.


  1. Ya missed a grate party at Dr Tweety's place by goin ta bed early... MOL!

    On the other paw, ya dint wake up yesterdy wif sleepypaws an a funnyhead!

  2. Happy New Year!! We didn't like the fireworks very much at all, but we did stay up until midnight! Yippeee!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  3. Happy Happy New Year, William~
    Wish you and your all family members could have a wonderful new year~!

  4. Happy New Year, William, Caroline, Olivia and Russell!!!

    We hope you had a great Christmas!

    Our peoples didn't do much either. We went to Dr Tweety's party and the OTW help us type, and the Big One cleaned his office.

    He's weird. He cleaned the storage closet on Christmas Eve too.


  5. We all went out and whooped it up at Dr. Tweety's party. Today is good for sleeping.

  6. William, I don't think you lead a boring life at all. Sleeping between bouts of excitment watching birds or chasing your brother is very smart.
    Tommy and I stayed home and went to bed at the regular time too. We woke up with fireworks also but it wasn't exciting enough not to go back to sleep.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you have lots of fun, adventures, naps and treats in the year to come.

  7. Happy New Year William and Olivia and Caroline and Russel and WilliamsMom

  8. Happy 2008. Isn't it nice to be getting back into the routine?

  9. Quiet nights are fine, even party nights. Nothing woke us up this year, no fireworks.


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