Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Update.

My mom's been busy tending to Caroline, who's finally calmed down from her terrible terrible time at the cat fix-it place where she told me she had to sit on the dog side to wait for the vet. (OK, it was in case she was contagious.) Anyway, she spent last night and today in the tropical confines of Mom's bathroom, trying to breathe easier with the vaporizer. When Mom got home this evening, she and my sister took a long nap together. Mom says she sounds better and Caroline did eat dinner, which is a very good thing.

Well, I know it's time for her meds, so I think I'm going to the other end of the house for a bit. Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes–I know these made her purr!


  1. dino, egypt, & the kitsTuesday, December 18, 2007 8:52:00 PM

    We're glad to read Caroline is doing better this evening. If she doesn't feel up to writing a meezer rule for Wednesday, we'll write one special for her.

    Get well soon, Caroline!

    And, William, you such a good tiny boy and big brother.

  2. I sure hope Caroline's feeling 100% soon!


  3. Eating is good. You remind us of a dear dear friend, who is no longer with us, that told me about an incident with her daughter. Carol was a vet tech and when her baby got a cold at two weeks or so she was debating about calling someone late at night because she was quite sick "But," she said matter of factly, "she was eating and she was interested in stuff when she was awake so..." basically she did the home care baby cold stuff and kept an eye on her. It was such a vet tech speech it still makes me laugh to think of her.

    Eating is good. Be well.

  4. I hope Caroline will be back in normal soon~!!!!
    I am praying and purring for her~!

  5. Gwad that Cawowine is getting better. It's no fun being sick!

  6. Caroline dear, you must rest and get all better.

    Your friend

  7. Awwww, I am so happy that she's feeling a bit better!
    Being sick sux!

  8. We're glad you're feeling a bit better Caroline. We hope you're soon feeling 100%.

  9. I hope that Caroline is feeling better. How terrible for her to sit on the dog side of the vet office. I have been on the dog side too and it is no fun because they all want to sniff you.

  10. I am glad Caroline is feeling better now and I hope she keeps improving! Please do not any of you others get sick!!


  11. I am very glad that Caroline is starting to get better!

  12. Many Purrs to Caroline and to you, too, William. It's hard to have someone in the family sick.

  13. I'm happy that things do not seem too bad. I hope Caroline continues to get better :)
    Purrs Mickey


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