Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toy Recovery Plus.

So Mom got out the magic stick to get my toys back for me. Of course, Russell Buttinski stalled the effort.

Then we got sidetracked by piles of dust and who-knows-what-else. At least we knew Mom hadn't vacuumed up our toys.

But all in all, it was a pretty good find: three Cat Crazies (see, Sammy and Miles?), two Easter egg halves, one cat treat (which Mom wouldn't let any of us eat), and a nut and bolt from our gigantic multiple cat traveling troll box (how did that get under there??). And Caroline only wanted the stick.


  1. Hey, that's some stash you had there! Have fun!

  2. Oh! Russell is from the Buttinski clan? My Mom says I am too sometimes. Maybe we are related?

  3. Hey~~ I can see you guys are playing so happily~!!!
    That's so great~!

  4. Glad you got the toys back and that they hadn't fallen victim to the Evil Sucking Machine:) xxx

  5. Yay you got your toys back! Mommy sometimes has to use a broom to get ours out from different hiding places.

  6. ah, so those is cat crazies! we hadded those once - I ate them. really. I chewed them up one night while mommy was sleeping, then threw them back up in the morning so that she would know what I did. we is not allowed to have them anymore.


  7. How exciting! It's like getting a whole bunch of new toys. We have been doing some toy recovery over here also. Mom calls it cleaning. :)

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  8. Look at how well all of you are helping your mom!
    We love our cat crazies too!

  9. So that's where all the toys go!

    "Russell Buttinski" Hahahahahahaah!

  10. That's a great hidey spot for all your toys. We like to keep ours under the couch. hee hee


  11. My Lady did that the other day. She cleaned out from under the stove and fridge and found 27 ink pens. Not kidding! I swear that I did not put them there. Really, I didn't.

  12. Not a bad haul! I wonder what Mom would find if she put a stick under our washer & drier. Probably dust and a dead mousie. Hahahaha!

    Max S

  13. Ahhh...Russell I see you've gotten your middle name. Mine is Pie, as in "Georgie Pie". Tipper's is Doodle, Max's is Smartkitty and Misty's is Everpurr.

    I think having a middle name is good.



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