Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday.

If you get an unexpected brother or sister, turn the situation to your advantage. Any trouble you might be involved in can now be blamed squarely on them. Just position yourself at a safe distance and watch the fallout.

I did not start–nor would I ever start–any chase which
would result in the table cloth getting pulled off the table.


  1. That is a good rule.
    Seeing is better than fighting, you are very smart.

  2. Heh...that's the one good thing about getting stuck with a sibling...

  3. You can always blame the newcomer; it works efurry time!

    Olivia looks so sweet all cuddled up like that. Her Kangaroo is probably asleep.


  4. A most excellent rule says Captain Jack. Not fair at all says Dante.

  5. Now don't play too many tricks on Russell ... remember he's still learning the rules of the game. (And he's awful cute, too.)

    Maybe one day we can get the whole story as to how Russell came into the family. I know when, and remember him camping out in the bathroom, but all I recall is that your mom had a rough day, then Russell was there. Did she meet him at a shelter? Did someone know he needed a home and called your mom? I know this isn't "Russell of Mass Destruction" but we were talking last night and wondering. Thanks...

  6. Good rule Caroline! Even the beans have a similar rule,"blame it on the newbee" Hahahaha!!
    PeeEss: Your Mom has an Orca nose! Cool,heehee

  7. We use blame it on the blonde boy at our house.

  8. That's a very useful strategy William. I plan to employ it in the future. Funny that I've never thought of that on my own ... must be because I'm a girl kitty, and girl kitties don't have a nefarious bone in their bodies. ;-)

    Nice talking to you.

    PR Manager

  9. Caroline, remember you were the new one at one time. Russell may turn out to be a really wonderful and helpful brother.

    Although, it is good to have sibs you can blame when need be.


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