Monday, October 15, 2007

Cat Action Day.

OK, so maybe it's really Blog Action Day, but I leave such a tiny environmental footprint that I don't actually focus on those matters here. I recycle, I don't need lights, I don't waste water, I don't use fossil fuels. And since I help Mom with those things, too, I thought, why not Cat Action Day?

Anyway, my friend Lux gave me an award. Is this cool or what? I'm very honored...thanks a million, Lux!

Because I didn't dawdle too long this time, I'm going to pass this on to some black cats who haven't gotten this yet (I think!):
Rascal, Jack, Grr, Midnight & Cocoa and Mickey.


  1. good job wif the conserving William!!

    we loves your blog too!

  2. Yes, we cats are very environmentally sound aren't we?!

    Congrats on your award!

  3. What a great honor for you! You truly deserve it!

  4. Cat action days is great. WE do our part. We lay on the furless ones and keep them warm. We also are on bug patrol, so no pesticides need to be used.

    You seemed surprised I like pumpkin. Well, I do, for a fact. I am not crazy with the pluger down by froat, but if Momma doesn't get it down far enuf I spit it in her face and she says pumpkin in her eyes isn't pleasant.

    Oh, and we love you William and all the rest of the clan......


  5. We cats are so enviwonmentawwy-fwiendwy, beans should just wearn fwom us.
    Nap the whole day and you won't waste a single thing!

  6. we love your blog too, your award is well deserved! and thank you so much for passing it on to us! purrrrrrs!

    (we're thinking maybe we're gonna hafta change our blog to Grr, Midnight, Cocoa, Rascal & Riley. looks like the little ones are gonna stay.)

  7. we produce lotsa fertilizer after stinky goodness too. ha ha ha Was that tacky?

    we loves your blog (and Billiam's) too!

  8. Concatulations William, you deserve that award. Did you know that you were the first cat blog I ever came across and that I have loved it ever since? xxx


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