Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So a new kind of bird came to visit me. I'd never seen anything like him before! Mom said he's a black-headed grosbeak, and she was pretty excited to see him too. He sat on our special bird rest for a while and then Caroline went flying into the window all screamy like she usually does and scared him away. The only good thing is that she wound up all squashed up into the window jamb, which was kind of amusing.

Oh, and in the back on the right? That's part of my mom's really tiny vegetable garden. But do you know what? NO. ROMAINE.



  1. At least your mum gotted a picture of the birdie before Caroline scared him away.

    Plus the birdies here are starting to take the soft stuff from the container for their nests. That means little baby birdies soon.

  2. Our Momma doesn't have a begtable garden. She says if it isn't purty she doesn't plant it, nefur mind she is going to starve or get rickets or worse.


  3. purrty bird. that is funny that caroline squished herself in the window.

  4. We're furry deat Caroline scareded the birdy but it is funny that she got squashed. Trixie always tries to catch the birdys wiff her ack-ack noise. She says she wants to play but we know she wants to eat them.

  5. Hes a cute little birdie. Does your mom use fancy bird seed to attract such pretty ones to the yard? Too bad they're just for looking not for touching.

  6. That is a very pretty little bird. Your mom is a good photographer!


Wowee meowee.