Thursday, May 17, 2007


So tonight Mom gave me a whole lettuce leaf to chew on. But do you know what? I wasn't in the mood.

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie asked after my new friends, so I thought I'd give you an update. Mrs. Sphinx Moth's eggs didn't fare too well. We get late sun on the bricks where she laid them and Mom said they looked pretty sad. Then, about the one Mom rescued (which we thought was a butterfly but Joey's mom told us it was a Cecropia moth), she laid some more eggs in the garden where Mom put her. We thought Mrs. Cecropia Moth's other eggs would be better outside too so her babies would have something to eat. I can still see Mrs. Cecropia Moth in the garden but I know she was very tired after her ordeal and I'm pretty sure she just left her body there.

And I never saw the black-headed grosbeak again after Caroline scared him so bad. But I still have my durable buds the house finches and the gold finches and the sparrows and the doves. Mom filled all the feeders yesterday evening, and of course within about an hour there was six cups of seed all over the ground. Sparrows! They're just like flying Carolines!


  1. Thanks for the update. "Flying Carolines" now that's a frightening thought...but funny.

  2. You must be right, Mrs Moth is flying without her body now. Your mom was very kind to her. My mom says you look very handsome in that picure and she would give you a big smooch. Moms, what can ya do?

  3. Sorry to hear about those eggs and Mrs. Cecropia. If your mom really wants a fun and new hobby, take a look at My mom says someday she'll give it a try. It's an interesting site at any rate.

  4. William we had a grosbeak here too. But ours was a rose-breasted grosbeak. Mum had never seen one before. Mum says that according to the book they are not frequent backyard birdies.

    Sorry to hear that the moths didn't do very well.

  5. William we are furry sorry that yer eggs are not well. Maybe a few will hatch. Did the vishus deer get to dem?
    We have lotsa catapilars here but Trixie likes to eats dem. Mom makes her stop so we can have some white flutterbys and moths. Trixie is too bitey for me sometimes.

  6. Sorry, moth eggs. I thought you would make it.

  7. Poor little eggs! Our bird feeder has seed all over the ground too!

  8. I'm sorry your moth eggs didn't make it William. It was really nice of you and your Mom to give them a good chance tho.

    You're a winner in my 1000th visitor contest! Mom and I talked it over and decided to send you a prize too because we think you and Finnegan and Buddy might have been on at the same time. If you'll send your address to Mom at RJRCreeATgmailDOTcom she'll send your prize right away. I hope you like it -- my Daddy made a special necklace for you with a translucent black obsidian arrowhead.

  9. Too bad about the eggs. Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes.

    Cecropia moths are very cool. Mom knew a lady who had one lay eggs in her yard and she took pictures at all stages of development.



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