Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Look What I Got!

The mailman came by very very late this evening. Mom saw him when she took her car to get washed after some birds–not any of my friends–bombarded it over the weekend. Anyway, there was a package in the door when she got home, and guess what? It was for ME, from my friend Tiger Lily! She was sweet enough to send me fun stuff after I was the ????th visitor to her blog.

A red package, my favorite color!

I know I can get this out all by myself.

Well, maybe I can fit inside it.

Oh my goodness, look at how that beautiful arrowhead matches me!

I'm pretty sure I can get the treats open myself.

Lily also made a donation to the Clovis Animal Welfare League in my name! This was all so generous of her and her mom and dad. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(Oh, and I did bite the treats open, too!)


  1. That is the purtiest red package I have efur seen! You did good opening it, Tiny Boy.


  2. How fun it is to get your very own package with stuff in it! Neat arrowhead...and Temptations treats...mmm. Did you share some treats with your sisters?

  3. Great pikshurs William and great presents. And a red bag, a RED BAG!! I see someone was trying to horn in on yer fun. Oh well, sisters are like that I guess.

  4. Wow, you got Tem-tay-shuns!?!? You are very lucky.

  5. ooo what a great gift. that arrowhead necklace makes you look like a great hunter. great job getting the temptayshuns open! Did you share????????

  6. Alright! You got right in that bag - good for you AND you got treats!

  7. Hey William, I haven't made it to your blog for days, so i wanted to catch up. You have had some great pictures of you recently. And you are so lucky to get presents!!

  8. Great pressies William. Don't over eat on the treats.

  9. Gosh William I thought you were going to crawl into that bag. You sure were intense on getting that stuff out. Oooh, I see you got some temptations, mmmm. Mom biggified the picture with the arrowhead. It sure is pretty. My Mom always complains that the birds around here use our cars for target practice.


  10. I'm glad our package made it to you safely William and I'm glad you like the prizes. You're so smart to be able to open that Temptations bag by yourself!


Wowee meowee.