Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Can Do This.

Derby must have known I had writer's block tonight because really what I was thinking about was what I'm going to get my mom for Mother's Day. He tagged me for seven random facts about me, so here goes. (Thanks, Derby!)

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Seven Random Facts About Me:
  1. I can make my mom laugh by giving her the tiniest of love bites on her arm. Otherwise I never bite her (like some cats I know).
  2. When she gets home from hunting and leans down to pet me, I like to hide under her skirt so my sisters can't see me.
  3. I am very fond of romaine lettuce!
  4. Sponge balls are my very favorite toy.
  5. When I nap with my mom and I'm close to her chin, sometimes I pet her face.
  6. I'm generally a pretty quiet boy. Even my purr is quiet.
  7. I always get first dibs on tuna water!

So I'm tagging Shilgiah, Ginger, Puff & Spot, Edsel, Buddah, Hendrix, and Rosie & Cheeto.


  1. Ko Ko has tagged Caroline for the meme WilLiam if you could let her know ~poiland tribe

  2. tuna water is the best. good for you. FAZ

  3. Tuna water rocks!!

    I love to hide behind the bathroom door where my Momma hangs her fuzzy bathrobe. When the mean ol' leaf blower man shows up on Fridays I go in there and sit with my head up in the robe. I feel way safe then.

  4. You are very funny to eat romaine lettuce!

  5. We love the fact that you hide under your Moms skirts.

  6. You have a quiet purr too! I thought I was the only one! You sound like such a sweet guy - but I know you have a rowdy side too!

  7. Those are some furry nice facts 'bout ya, William - thanks for sharin' with efurrybuddy!

    When our mom read your #5, she went "Awwww William, you are such a sweetie!"

  8. I am so glad that I helped you out of your writes block. I like to get pets when mum comes home but she doesn't wear skirts.

  9. I pet my mommy's face too!! romaine lettuce? i should tell sammy to try it - he likes begetables. - Miles

  10. Sponge balls are my favorite toy in the whole wide world too!!!


  11. Romaine lettuce? Is that better than grass?

  12. MmmmmmmmTuna Water!
    And skirts are a good place for a tiny boy!

  13. Hi William, blogger wouldn't let me post a comment last night so just wanted to say thanks for tagging me and if you could tell them I'm tagging your sisters Olivia and Caroline.

  14. Hi William. I have to get Mom to buy some tuna so I can try it soon. Your blog is always very interesting!

  15. Hi William - we thought only our crazy kitty Merlin liked romaine lettuce. That is so perfect. Thank you for sharing these facts about you. It's nice to get to know our kitty friends better!

    And please accept our heartfelt thank yous for your kind words for TeaCup. We send our purrs and love...

  16. Hee, hee, yur a nice kitty, William!

  17. Those are good fings to know, William. Pettin Mom is okay! I try to pet Bonnie, but... you know how she is :-)
    Happy Mofur's Day to yur Mom! I gaf mine mom a headbutt an helped the boy gif her earrings he maded himself. Purrs!

  18. HAHAHA, frum thowse seven facts we wuld think yoo weren't a trubble maker at all, William...but we know bettur! Yer definalie a momma's boy!

    Tell yer mom to have a grate mothurs day!!!

  19. Looking up women's skirts, Squilliam? I'm APPALLED (and a little intrigued).

    Nice list!

  20. That is a very good list William! My mommy "awed" at #5 too. You should get first dibs on Tuna Water. You're the big man cat and resident House Panther!
    We know you never get in trouble....
    That is funny. Mommy read that before and tried to give it to me. No luck. We also tried Nanners like Pixie, also no luck...


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