Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fun In Store.

Well, my mom will be home all next week. I'm quite happy about this! Not only that, but my Aunt L is flying in all the way from Pennsylvania to visit!

AND, not only that, they'll be doing some renovation in the kitchen and I'll get to help. Gosh, I had so much fun helping Mom install the wall oven last year that I can't wait to help with new countertops! I am very good with guiding Mom's feet when she's carrying something big and heavy.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've got a LOT of things to look forward to! It's good that your mom will have your invaluable assistance in moving heavy objects!

  2. Just be careful that she doesn't drop what she is carrying on you.

  3. Long before the little psycho got here, our mom used to hunt in the city too. Everything's better when Mom's are home. Your mom is real good at those home improvement projects like those guys on TV. But you know, not one of them has a tiny boy helping...

  4. Hi William,

    I like your site a lot. Please tell your mom that I've chosen it as my Cat Blog of the Week, which you can see on my main page today.

    Maybe she'll even give you an extra treat or hug or something... :)

    Franny Syufy
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  5. Aunt L has to [choke] WORK when she visits?

    Cheap labor, I guess.

  6. Sounds like fun, Wiliiam. I like company, but the other two hide. They are so anti social, oh, well, all the more fun for me. Do you have a hard hat to wear? You really need one of those.


  7. That's called "snoopervising", Wm. And we all know how good you are at that!


  8. Yea, we snoopervise our Maw and Paw too. Sometimes we get our liddle toesies stepped on ifn we dunt move quik. So be furry fast...


  9. Wow, what a thrilling week! Be sure to report back about the new kitchen! Have a nice week with your mom and aunt!


  10. I snoopervise cooking and the refridgerator.

  11. Make sure you have all your safety gear like gloves and safety goggles. Even when you supervise, you need all of this stuff.

  12. whoa, i am so jealous, that sounds like so much fun. please take pictures of the whole process.

  13. Wow, you're going to be so busy next week! I'm sure your mommy and aunt are going to need all your help. I love your magic toes! I see you got a Midnight Monday to yourself! awesome! Mone Mommy hasn't posted one for me in a while, but she is ready for this Monday!

    Concatulations on being named Blog of the Week. I wholeheartedly agree. Your is great and your mommy is wunderful about keeping it up to date.

    I like to get under mommy's feet while she is carrying the mop bucket....when it is full.

    I agree with Edsel, take lotsa pictures!


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