Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter Wednesday.

It was snowing again when Mom got up this morning. When she went to clean off the car to go hunting, she found her car doors frozen shut! Woo hoo! Mom time on a snow day!

She worked from home for a while and we all kept her company. But finally she got the doors open and the latest layer of snow off the car and then she went off. She left the heat turned up higher than usual for us because it was so cold, so it wasn't too terrible.

Lots of birdies came by to get a break from the weather on our semi-covered patio where the snow isn't so deep. Mom had cleaned off the feeders and refilled them, and she left a pile of seed on the ground for everybody who doesn't use the feeders, like the doves and the phoebes, so I got to see a lot of my friends!

Well, it's snowing again tonight and it seems the storm has stalled, adding to the seven or so inches we've already got. It's probably too much to hope for another snow day, but you never know.

Sheltering in place.


  1. Stay warm William and company. Hope you gets lots of mom time.

  2. We gots that storm now!!! It's pretty much a blizzard up here. Momma hadded a hard time gettin home from werk tonight, and isn't sure if she's gonna make it in in the morning. We're under a blizzard warning until noon tomorrow!! Stay warm!
    ~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

  3. Hey, wat a snow! it's really frozen out there.
    And hey, check out this cool stuff kitties in a holiday mood. I hope u'll love it

    merry xmas

  4. Snow is so beautiful! It doesn't normally snow out your way, does it?

  5. Wow, snow in the southwest! I want to tell you, though, it is highly overrated.


  6. Wow William ... I have never seen snow in my life it looks yummy though VERY cold!

    Snuggle lots with your Hummie to keep her warm!

  7. William, that does indeed look cold. I'm glad you all are staying warm inside...

  8. My mom's boss lives in Albuquerque, and he told her the weather was doing crazy things there! We may have gotten a few snowflakes here in Cruces, but if we did I missed them!

    When the door to the outside opens, though, there's been this cold air rushing in at me. I'm not sure I like it.

  9. That sure is some weather you're havin' out there, William! Keep your mom and siblings warm & safe! BTW: We really like your tree; berry garland sounds very interesting! Merry Christmas!

  10. Brrrrrr. It looks cold. Keep warm and snuggle with Mom.

  11. We haven't had any snow yet this year. Your mom's really nice to put out extra food for your birdie friends. My mom put out a little food for the sad kitties outside cause it was cold out yesterday.

  12. boy, i think the weather got confused and you have ours. it's raining here! usually this time of year we have snow, but not this year.....that's okay, you can have it. just stay warm.

  13. Mom an Dad washed their cars in Dec their firstest "real" winter an bof froze shut rite when they had to get to the airport! They finly gots the "hatchback" open on one an climbed in frum the back so they could turn it on an drive (FAST), but they was goin on a tollway an weren't sure they'd be able to get the windoze or a door open to pay! Mom amagined hafin to tell a toll booth bean to open the back so they could pay! But the windoze thawed so she didnt haf to.

    You got lots more snow than we've had an now we haf none but maybe amorrow. Who'd aspect Mew Nexico to haf more snow than Whiskonsin? Merry Christmouse!


Wowee meowee.