Sunday, December 03, 2006

War And Peace.

So Mom finally decided to fight the fruit fly problem by bringing out the heavy artillery – the dreaded Shop Vac! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a...VACUUM! So for two days she was flinging that hose around like the Terminator. Or I guess in this case she was the Flyinator!

Anyway, I’m happy to report that the fruit fly population has been drastically reduced. Which is good, since I got tired of them bathing in our water dish and drowning there and stuff, not to mention them trying to fly up my tiny nose. That was all very annoying.

And then – the best part of the weekend! – was when we all took a nap and made a Mom sandwich. She was under the comforter, Caroline was behind her knees, Olivia was at her back and I was under her chin. Oh, it was so toasty and relaxing! I wanted Eddie to take a picture of us but he was all zzzzz in another room.


  1. Wow, a Mom sandwich! What a way to spend the day!!!!

    Glad you got rid of the fruity bugs. Mittens could have come over and helped out. She loves eating them.


  2. a mom sammich! yum. we does that sometimes at night when I doesn't want to sleep on her face. but she gets way hot wif the fev-ver mattress topper, and the quilt and 2 poodins. - Sammy

  3. On a cold day a toasty mom sandwich is so nice.

    Glad the shop vac helped get rid of most of the awful fruit flys. Tommy is super scared of vacumns, way more than me.

  4. Way to go dude. I hear ya about the cold weather and staying warm and cozy. At my house, the best place (other than with the peeps, acourse) is a basket of scraps in the lady peep's sewing room. I can burrow right down into them and you can only see my nose. Ah its a good life.

  5. How genorous of you to keep mom warm (especially when it's very hot outside) Sometimes I have to sleep like that the whole night, just pushed in a little corner by three of my four cats !

  6. Mmmmm ... Mom sandwich! How special!

  7. My agent threw out ripe bananas the other day because she didn't want them to get "too ripe" and hatch fruit flies like those that have infested your house.

    Thanks for the warning!

  8. I think you get the best spot. Under the chin has always been a favorite of mine.

  9. we gots those buggies too, but they came in frum the new bag of potting soil fur our kitty grass buffet. our Lady's now thinkin' 'bout the vackyoum


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