Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Unexpected Treats.

So you know how you're just eating peacefully and suddenly there's a big old noise that startles you and somehow all the dry food goes flying everywhere? That happened to me this morning when my bro kinda spazzed out and knocked over one of Olivia's pet chickens on the counter while trying to get to his breakfast.

But the good part was that I kept finding crunchies in the strangest places all day. It was like a secret treasure hunt!

And speaking of Olivia, it's torti tummy
Tuesday again, and Mom said.
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  1. ohhhh, she's got quite a fluffy tummy too! crunchy hunting sounds like fun!

  2. Her fur matches the carpeting - cute picture! (So's the one of you.)

  3. Extra crunchies? Ohh that's a Good Thing.

  4. Mom almost couldn't see her, she blends in so well! Olivia has pet chickens?

  5. I fink Olivia gots the purrtiest torti tummy exceptin fur mine.

  6. Good point William. Crunchies sure do taste better when you have to hunt for them.

  7. Dat's a nice tummy.
    That happens to us sumtimes when we are chasing each uvver around the kichin. We knock the crunchies flying, an then we keep finding them all ofurr the place.


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