Sunday, November 12, 2006

Busy Busy Busy.

I had so much to do this weekend! First, after I helped Mom change the sheets, I helped her put on the electric blanket, getting the cords just right for her. We had another cold snap so I told her we'd better get the thing on before we freeze! I'm glad she finally listened to me.

Then, my Aunt L and Uncle B are coming out to visit ME in a few weeks so we're getting a head start on getting everything ready. They're coming for Thanksgiving and ME. They live far far away, in Pennsylvania. I don't know exactly where that is but my bro has been there on one of his cross-country moving trips and says that if you put about a million Williams nose to tail, that might be about the distance. Isn't he silly, a million Williams!

Then while I was taking a break and watching the leaves blow all over the place, some of my fall-visiting bird friends came by. First, my pals the Say's Phoebes came by both days to nibble on fallen seed in the back. I haven't seen them in about a year, so that was pretty exciting. Then today, two crows were having a VERY LOUD conversation in the front yard. Boy, were they making a racket! It was like having flying Carolines out there! I practically had to put my paws over my ears.

And then I tried to nap as much as I could but it was pretty hard. My weekend was exhausting!


  1. Goodness, you must have had a real hard day if you are exhausted.

    Thanksgiving coming up. Turkey, yum. We won't be having someone coming from real far to visit like you are. Bet you are excited to see them again. Our visitors will be coming only twenty miles to have dinner with us.


  2. Didn't Eddie mean a "Sqilllion Williams" in distance?

  3. I know just what you mean, William. I had to spend the entire weekend on guard from the Little Squirt, who likes to attack me, when I least expect it. She follows me all over and has taken over MY cat tree now. I hardly dare fall asleep.


  4. Poor you!!!! I can relate Wills, my weekend was exhausting too...todays going to be even worse, the humans are staying home to pack some more boxes and snap that blasted tape gun all day....TRY sleeping through that racket. NOT

    Slurpy Kisses, The Mitz

  5. I think I would like to see a millon William impersonators nose to tail.

    They would have to be impersonators...there is only one Squilliam!

  6. try sleepin' through a weekend of Harley Davidsons. we've got nayburrs wif 3 of 'em, plus guests. they ride 'em in an out of the garage area all weekend - rite unner our windows ::sigh::

  7. Going from Pennsylvania to New Mexico sounds like a mighty long trip. I like it here in Pennsylvania, although I could be persuaded otherwise.

    We don't have Say's phoebes here, but we have chickadees that make a noise that sounds like "ffeeee beeee." I bet they would taste good too.

  8. It is so hard getting ready for company. Mom and Dad are doing so much around the house ... it gives us lots of mischief to get into, but the company is worth the work.

  9. Make sure you get plenty of roasted turkey bird when you have house guests.

  10. A million Williams! I'm getting a little lightheaded just thinking about it...
    ~ nala


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