Monday, October 30, 2006

Midnight Monday Again.

So here I am listening to the original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. This is pretty scary but Mom says it's just make believe. I think this in combination of worrying about Halloween tomorrow and costumes and aliens at the door is not very much fun. And to top it all off? Olivia has taken to sleeping in her secret basket under the desk again and she's there now and she snores.

Are you sure there are no Martians, Mom? Posted by Picasa


  1. Hello William. You are blacker than me, but we are likely equally intillgent. Great blog.

  2. Hiya William
    My Haddy listens to War of the Worlds ALL the time, it is on his PDA!

    You make an exceptional Midnight Monday cat ... Hummy will be able to post pics soon for MM!

  3. Don't worry William, Mom says we are not comcatible with the aliens. They don't like our bugs or something ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO

  4. wow, war of the worlds, i umembers the firstest time i hearded that. it was skeery.
    merlin and shadow are right, i seen in on tv. morgan freemen said they are allergic to our bugs or somefing.

  5. Wait! Is snoring a bad thing?

    I'm just asking because a "friend" of mine snores...

  6. My dad snores too. Between my purring and Dad snoring, Mom says it's like stereo. I am more worried about pumpkins taking over the world than aliums right now...

  7. Oh do be careful tonight Willy dear, it is NOT a good night for black cats to tread outdoors. My dearly departed sis. Lois was a pretty black girl. Meowmie always kept a very close watch on her, when Halloween rolled around.

    Have a safe night to all the kitties...

    The Mitz

  8. Now don't make fun of snoring ... I snore sometimes. We just can't help it.

  9. Mum says that is a furry good classic radio thing. It is scary, even when you know it is not real.

  10. That alien show does sound pretty scary, William. We think you should stay close by your mom just in case 'cause ummm, what if it isn't make-believe . . .

  11. There's no Martians, cept guys. Guys are from Mars and girls are frum Venus. Least that's what this book Mommy has says.
    Happy Halloweenie :)

  12. Well, I missed my Monday rounds. Belated Midnight Monday William!


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