Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Kind Of Vacation Is This?

OK, Mom. No more going to Lowe's. Or Home Depot. And I really really mean it. I am MISSING OUT ON NAPS WITH YOU.

(P.S. My mom wanted me to tell everybody thanks for the birthday wishes!)


  1. Momma has been so preoccupied with Precious and kittens we havent had much snuggle time. And then I just get nice on her lap and the phoney thingy rings.


  2. oh no, not more fings that make loud noises

  3. Happy belated birthday to your mom!

    I just want to say I'm hoping your mom is really tired now from all that working. (Tired enough to nap with you.)

    From the new White Boy on the block,

  4. Naps are VERY important, doesn't your Meowmie understand? Maybe get her to nap WITH you!

    Headbonks dear Willy,

    The Mitz

  5. I hope you get extra time to snuggle with all the supervising you must have to do...

  6. Unless Home Depot and Lowes suddenly start carrying cat treats, I want no part of them!

    Unless...could she be shopping for materials to make a cat tree for you?

  7. Oh Happy Happy Purrthday to your Mom! You could help her wif the tools. We tried this wif Daddy the ofur night. He used the screwdriver tool and I putted my paw on it to help.
    Beau Beau

  8. Forgot to wish your Meowmie a very happy birthday.

    I am being turned into a dessert of sorts over at Veggies....help me Willy!!!

    Headbonks, the Mitz

  9. Naps are more important than anything, make your Mom go back to taking naps wif you ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko kO

  10. Thanks for visiting my home in cyberspace, Wm. It's nice to talk to a guy, you know, since I'm surrounded by all these girls !!!


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