Monday, August 21, 2006

Black Lagoon.

I tried to tell my mom last evening that something weird was going on with the tub, but would she pay attention? No, she found out when she went to take care of the catbox. She couldn't imagine what had happened. But she had to clean it out, which took about a squillion hours.

Then she saw her shower. This was even worse! We don't usually get to go into her bathroom but she was so excited we had to check it out. P-U, it smelled like a swamp! I told her, "Mom, the drains blew up! The drains just blew up! That's what I was trying to tell you! And it wasn't even my fault!"

Well, the whole thing was pretty gross and icky. And Mom wasn't thrilled about staying up real late to scour things out. I was just glad that at least it wasn't the toilets! In fact, we found out that there was hardly any water in the toilets at all. It was like a WEIRD AND GIANT LOW PRESSURE WEATHER MONSTER OR SOMETHING, SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF OUR BATHROOMS!

Then about six minutes after we finally got to bed, the thunder and lightning and RAIN started again. So see? I was right. It was a weather monster.

Poor Mom. I don't know how she can get through the day without taking a squillion naps under normal circumstances. But today, after four hours of sleep? Eeeek! I would've been all zzzzzzzzzz at the hunting place.


  1. Ewwwwww, your poor Mom (that's what our Mom said) We said she should have listened to William ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  2. yikes. your poor mom. since the water disappeared from the human litterboxes, did you go in the dungeon to make shur it wasn't raining there?

  3. Poor beanmom! I hope she gets some good naps soon.

  4. Eww Momma is glad that didn't happen to her. I hope it doesn't happen to your Momma again.

  5. Four hours of sleep isn't that bad, Squilliam! I sleep for four hours, about 5 times per day!

    She'll be fiiiiiine...

  6. You are so brave Wm. I hardly ever look in the's just not something I want to see!


  7. Can you add my link on your blog?
    I'm still looking for pets pics and stories to add to my blog...I accept all pets even the slimy ones!

  8. Wow, I think this needs further investigation. Maybe it was Big Foot, he has left the Big Piney Woods, at least temporarily.

    We have a post about you today, it might be portant.


  9. Ooohh, noooo! What a yucky thing to happen. I hope all is well now. Your mama needs to go to bed early and catch up on her naps with her tiny boy.

  10. William you've proved it for sure. Cats are smarter than humans.


Wowee meowee.