Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Night Songs.

So Mom went out into the garage for something this evening and came back in and said there was a cricket in there. We don't get to go into the garage and I don't think I've ever seen a cricket, so Mom told me they sing at night and we hear them all the time. Then she started to make these trilly noises so I might recognize the song.

But you know what happened instead? We all gathered around her and just stared at her.

Well, I just think the moon affects her too, her making weird noises like that.


  1. Keep a close eye on her...if she starts rubbing her hind legs together and chirping, she just may be a cricket!

  2. I allays looks at mine Mom like she am crazy when she starts makin animal noises.

  3. Maybe she needs a check-up at the 'bean vet. or possibly she just likes to use her imagination. Our Mom does. It explains A LOT ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko ko

  4. IF her legs are hairy when she rubs them together, she is most definitely turning inscetian.

  5. Is there a full moon, Wm? We have no way of knowing cuz the sky is all covered with gray all day and night and the water keeps pouring down.

    We had a cricket in the house last fall and Mittens had a ton of fun with it, before she ate it.

    Patches Lady


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