Monday, June 26, 2006

It's All True.

Mom finally got the picture thing working again. And I remembered my password! And it finally rained tonight (and rained and rained and hailed and thundered and put a whole bunch of mud and tree bits all over the place). And the racket did get us all upset, especially that scary hail pounding on the windows. But before that, when Mom came home for lunch? I did chew on these celery leaves.

Not as good as cat grass or house plants or flowers, but, really, not too bad.

Why, yes, I was just licking my lips. Posted by Picasa


  1. The Woman wants you to send that rain here. She thinks it will cool things off. But you can keep the hail. It might be fun to play with.

  2. you can keep the celery leaves too. you're not turning into a rabbit are you??

  3. Hmmm...celery leaves? I might give those a try.


  4. My mom has been giving us fresh catnip, which Brach loves...LOVES! I prefer the dried flakes, myself.

    My mom says dried catnip is to fresh catnip as Sanka is to real coffee.

    Sanka?! Whatever...

  5. Yes, some of the rain would be nice here......100 today they say!

    You are such a cute black boy! We love seeing your picher. We have never had celery afore. Mittens would gobble it down, I am sure.

    Patches Lady

  6. You had to get the leafs before that rooster could! I tried let-us, but didn't like it.
    We had bad hail in April that broked Dad's truck an I ran to the all inside bafroom an Bonnie ran to the basement, but my silly beans ran to the windows. It sounded like squillions of horsies on the roof!

  7. I've never had celery leaves. Are they good?

  8. Celery leaves? W is for weird and W is for William. *giggles* I bet it's not as good at cat grass!

    ~~ Boni

  9. You are so lucky to get celery leaves. Sometimes all I can find organic to chew on is straw from the broom. How undignified is that. A guy has to have his greens once and awhile. About never getting a new computer again - remember VISTA is coming and Bill needs your money. -- Sky

  10. It has rained here, but not very much. We live in an apartment building, and not on the top floor, so we don't hear stuff up on the roof. And there is a balcony above us, so we are sheltered from the rain and hail.
    Mama said she driveded her monster (car) once (when she had one) in the hail and it was really really scary.

  11. Celery leaves? blech blech blech, yuck, disgusting.
    My mum hates the taste of celery and won't have any in the house. But she tells me I'm not missing anything.

  12. Yea, William's Mom! You outsmarted that Bill guy and got the computer workin' right!

    William - celery leaves? Better be careful - your purrty tail might turn into a little cottontail. Heehee. Next thing we know you'll be noshing carrots!!

    You look very good in that photo, though, we must admit. Quite handsome.

  13. Not real big on the veggie stuff here, but we're real glad to see ya postin' pics again, William!

  14. ooOOOoo can I come live with you? Those greens look very good.


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